Angela's Lament

Oh, Lord
What have I done?
I've ruined everything
Just because I can't say "no"
Or control my paranoia or my frustration

Oh, Lord
I am a moron
He may also be at fault
But it wouldn't have happened
I just needed to say "no"

Oh, Lord
Why didn't I say anything?
Why did I leave it up to him?
And now we're broken
Because I don't have a backbone

Oh, Lord
he thinks I've turned everyone against him
That I'm immature
I didn't mean to do any of it
but he refuses to listen

Oh, Lord
Being friends is impossible
he refuses ro forgive
he looks at me with anger
And I just smile (trying not to cry)

Oh, Lord
I see it now
your punishment
But you are forgiving
...please fix this

Oh, Lord
I can do nothing
Nothing I say to him matters
No matter how many times I say I was naive
That I was frustrated...not dramatic
That I just didn't know

Oh, Lord
How could I known?
When for a week I was told nothing?
I was just frustrated
Am I not allowed to vent to my friends?

Oh, Lord
I just want everything to be normal
Why can't me and him just be friends again?
I may love him still
But hate flows through him

Oh, Lord
What can I do?
I need you!
Where are you?
Fix this!


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