Shit...that's all I could say on the night that my dad made us go different ways.

I said it three times as I put on my pants, and he knocked on the window as you pulled out your hand.

Your eyes got real big and mine got real thin, then he opened the door and my heart sunk in.

What the fuck are you doin? He yelled in your face.

But you stayed real calm while I couldn't stand in place.

My heart started to break.

Déjà vu wasn't late.

Then you said it was nothin, all we did was suck face.

Bullshit, he said, girl get your ass in the car.

I knew then that we had gone too far.

Our "take a break" night, didn't last very long.

He said, say goodbye, you won't see him again.

At that moment, my heart completely caved in.

I got my stuff, then looked at him, he looked at me, then we knew right then.

I saw my panties on the back seat floor, I told him I was sorry, then I shut the car door.

I got in the car with my dad and looked over....I had never seen him so sad before.

He sat alone looking down, without me to look at now.

Then my dad told me to turn around, we were on our way home now.

I walked in the house and ran back to my mom, tears runnin down my face, she said what the hell is goin on?

I was so in shock I couldn't speak, the only thing you could hear was the old house creek.

I couldn't see, my eyes were so foggy.

I'm surprised I didn't faint, just barely, from that heartbreak. 

That was the last time I saw him smile at me...the last kiss when it was just me. 

When the equation only had two, and not three.

When I only had to compete for his attention against me.

Either I was hella fuckin unlucky, or it wasn't meant to be. 

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