Love and War


United States
47° 24' 29.5164" N, 121° 58' 38.8344" W

So i've heard that all is fair in this thing of love in war.
But in reality people fight dirty, nothing is fair anymore.
Our love is stolen, sometimes never given back.
We give it away so much, we eventually lose track.
Love and hate, are they really almost the same.
Do people play both words in this silly life game.
People think they need love to live.
Why do we expect love when we always take and never give.
Want it, need it no one knows the difference anymore.
Love comes quickly, it sometimes stays but sometimes goes out the door.
We eventually find the one that's for us.
It took us awhile but it was worth every fight and every fuss.
Love comes in weird and normal ways.
Make your own memories with it, they'll lead you to your happy days.


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