Afraid to Fall

Taking the plunge without knowing

What was waiting 

When this love was done growing.

It was my first time dating,

And I had no idea how good it would be.

All I knew for certain was it would hurt when it ended.

It was two years of him and me.

When we fought things were always mended.

We became each other's second family,

Built on trust and hope alone.



The last time I held his hand clammily,

Things took a more serious tone.

The one day I knew was coming,

But made a point to ignore,

I knew nothing could be numbing,

When the day finally showed up at the door.

I had no choice but to say my goodbyes

And wave as he drove home.

My face spent days buried in my pillow to muffle my cries,

And my mind couldn't help but roam.

I knew he'd love again

But I didn't know if I could anymore.


It's been about eight months since,

I think about him less now,

And when I do I still wince,

But to myself I made a vow.

One day, I'll fall in love for real.

It'll be the last and only one,

And I won't wonder what to feel,

Because of doubt there will be none.

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