You are crisp summer grass, the crunch of fallen leaves
You are dandelion tufts floating on a spring breeze
You are the muffled crunch of winter's icy freeze
You are the sun and moon, the mountains and seas

I hear your voice in the rumbling thunder, strong yet shy
As lightning catches the mischievous glint in your eye
The electric charge excites my darkened sky
And the heavens, in their joy, begin to cry

You are Roman temples and chariot races
You are faded frescoes and cracked vases
You are fire and ash and volcanic hazes
You are timeless, classic, drawing everyone's gazes

I feel your touch in the unwavering sunlight
Even through clouds, it feels steady and right
I'll absorb its rays and redirect them with all my might
To brilliant bliss and eyelashes fluttering in the light

You are vaulted ceilings and stained glass windows
You are simple hymns and whispered echoes
You are flickering candles and incense tickling my nose
You are polished wooden benches lined up in rows

I see your eyes in the color of the ocean
Never the same, always in motion
Calm yet dangerous, impacting in waves of emotion
Rising and falling with constant devotion

You are floating asteroids and passing comets
You are dying stars and newly formed planets
You are black holes, satellites, and spiralling jets
You are gravity, pulling me in as close as it gets

You are particles and dust, atoms for building
You are numbers and symbols, codes for programming
You are oxygen in my lungs, the reason I'm breathing
You are art in nature, my everything

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