I use to feel like I wasn't enough
For anyone to cherish or place above.
I use to feel like I wasn't enough
Unless it involved emotionally detached touch.
I use to feel small and wanted to be smaller.
I wanted to blend in with the walls.
I ached to feel tall and taller and taller.
The aching didn't stop until love called.
Like a withering flower in its dying hour,
You gave me warmth and water.
Like a tree rising from the ashes of a flame shower,
You gave peace to a chaotic daughter.
I went from a mess to an enchantress
Who feels like she can summon the sun.
I went from finding sticks in the sand to a treasure chest
That can provide jewels for all by the tons.
The seed you planted was more than romantic.
It was legendary and so impossible that it was scary.
I bursted through the soil and surrendered to the light.
You make my blood boil even when you're not in sight.
I'm a flower, pretty and blooming.
All because your soul saved me
From a time when I was limp and glooming.
You encased me in your arms and cooed, "Baby, baby."
As if I was an old, sick tree facing impending doom,
You crossed hot deserts and violent oceans to get liquid from the fountain of youth.
I laid my head in your lap as I was cured.
Cured from the affliction I was burdened with since birth.
For you, I'd search every corner of the earth's surface
To find and destroy what's making you sad.
For you, I'd give up a limb to stop any hurting
Because your happiness is mine, my sweet man.
Even if our book of bond ended abruptly,
I'd never forget my best friend and the first boy who loved me.
You've shown me what I want out of love.
You've shown me that I can be enough.
I love you with all my breaths.
I love you with every rise and fall of my chest.
I love you as long my heart pumps blood to my brain.
I'll love you even after I cease and float away.
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