One call In the Fall.


One call in the fall. A text in the winter.

You say you're at home but I see you out with her.

Must pain you a lot that we broke up.

Because 2 days later you two hook up.

One smile in the spring.

A letter in the summer.

You're out of town.

You rented a Hummer.

Must pain you that we broke up.

I'm missing you.

But you're living your life.

One call in the fall and now she's your wife. 

Must pain you a lot that we broke up.

Must cut you inside that we're no longer in love.

Because It hurts me that you don't feel as I do.

What hurts me the most is that you never loved me the way I loved you.

No texts in the winter.

I begin to say hi but I shy when i see that you're with her. 

No smiles in the spring.

No letters in the summer.

No calls in the fall.





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