Love You for Miles

I look over my shoulder

And there he stands,

My face turns red

And I can't feel my hands.

My stomach flips

And the butterflies zoom,

The lights go out

We're alone in the room.

I hear his breath

And he hears mine,

I feel small tingles

Down my spine.

He moves in closer

And takes my waist,

We're so close,

There's barely space.

My body moves

In time with his,

He looks at me

And then we kiss.

Trapped in the moment

Embracing it all,

If he didn't hold me

I'd probably fall.

We're dancing slowly

Breathing fast,

It's so much fun

That time flew past.

The lights turn on

But we're still one,

I say goodbye

To this night's fun.

He walks me home

We're hand in hand,

We're at the door 

But we just stand

There thinking back

Not far apart.

What he says next

Just melts my heart:

"You're beautiful

And I crave your smile,

If love was an inch

Then I'd love you for miles.

Every time you laugh

I stop to listen,

I stare at your eyes

Sparkle and glisten.

You're the best, love,

And it's my pleasure

To be your chest 

If you'll be my treasure."


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