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I do not like being called a strong woman, it triggers this fear that my above average articulation is just aggression said with a smile, My loud opinions are just outlandish outbursts wearing a dress, that my dedication is just delusion drenched
The laughs echoed causing silence to flee and with it my peace as my tears became souvenirs who were meant to be the ones of my blood  left me there to suffer in the grave of other women's lost hope.  
           Eu te ofereço meu doce coração todos os dias Em vez de céu e bolos de mel Eu te ofereço buquês de lindas flores
Mon amour, ma femme Mon amie, mon âme Quand je dis que je t’aime Ce n’est pas une plaisanterie Ce n’est pas une triste moquerie
I take the pain Like a person I swallow the sin Like a good man All around you and I Resides the nasty Satan
Girl youthful, careless talking, acting, hating, dancing  makeup, school, nature, city listening, caring, making, loving  witsful, harmless Woman
Oh foreigner, I have lots of fine boys in my area, and good girls in my corner, may i bring you together?   The question is not really one, as her mind is already piecing it, bit by bit.
When a woman loves youYou can do nothing wrongYou can charm her with a songFrom you, she hardly needs a few. When a woman loves youThe world looks beautifulEverything is wonderfulWhen she adores you.
The sublime beauty of woman bearing the sorrow of her clan Heart cloaked in unseen sorrow Hoping for a sweeter morrow   Holding the tears as you weep Softly in your mind to keep
I am woman I am feminine energy of the universe I can be your blessing Karmatic, I can be your curse. Never fear me I desire to be your everything I am love I'll make your heart sing
O mother of nightingales O constellation curator She who sweetly sings the sunset Kiss beneath that good moon night That dark pale night light Clasp your hands on my life The waning of my soul
Okay These Days... It’s Now CLEAR To Me That A Lot of Ladies... MUST BE Followers of These Racist Teams.... Because It AIN'T Borrowers Who Get Their Pussies... !!! Now By This I Mean That It’s The Colour GREEN... !!!
A woman of worth greater than rubies Never failing to fulfill her duties Through cold and drought it is no matter
There are moments when I feel the injustice to my gender more prominently    When I am told in my job orientation that my attire is restricted for the men’s comfortability   
Who left the tap on? When his building storm spills out,She is made to carry the overflow He refuses to call a plumberAnd there’s only so much flooding this room can take
I’m So Glad I'm The One With Whom You Have Fun ... !!! A Kiss And A Cuddle And A Glass of Rum ... On The Day That Begins With Letters Spelling .... " Sun " .......
Confused, unbalanced, scared -- The control is gone - What is my fare?   Milestone hit -- little achieved. What to do - where to go...  Define passion... define relieved...  
Confused, unbalanced, scared -- The control is gone - What is my fare?   Milestone hit -- little achieved. What to do - where to go...  Define passion... define relieved...  
She Was RIGHT She Was RIGHT … !!!!! My Ex Girlfriend Was … OH SO RIGHT … !!!!!! She Always Said, ... "Virge, you do realise, i'm low maintenance !" By This She Meant … A Lot of Hot Women Have Got PROBLEMS … !!!
The white woman at the DMV  Stares down at me 16 years old and in line for my first I.D. I take the photo twice to make sure it comes out right 
When I was around sixteen, I became hyper aware of how the boys my age categorized the girls around them.The ones they found attractive were worthy of attention, the others... not so much.
So What Is The Deal With ... " The Relationship Game " … ? Because Truth Be REVEALED I Can't Take The STRAIN … !!!
LADIES If Men Ask You THIS ... "Would you like to go out, for a couple of drinks ?" DON'T Reply ...." I've got a boyfriend " ... !?! That's NOT An Answer To The Question ... !!!
She was born of woman as a word, swaddled in question marks but cooed with answers - statements of soothing reassurance
  Such wonder and bliss it is to see young love bud and to strive from that first kiss. Where one plus one equate to anon and from this where all future hopes are shone.
 The Instagram queen sat upon her throne The lights twinkled on her phone The comments appeared on her screen She was filled with joy 
Femme fatale... Femme fatal… Oh, she was no woman to encounter. Certainly not the kind to test, She was, oh so, that best.  
I become more like the woman I wished to be everyday    I wear golden rings  And keep mints in my bag  Car keys in my pocket 
“There is no such thing as safe sex, since no one can create a condom for the soul.” -Jayce O’Neal   To think that we are here,  Connected pelvis to pelvis By tubes and fluids
No more swooshes on black bands a powerful woman, once forgotten she is feared by men of all lands Srong, glowing, winner fast, competitive, sinner VICTORY emblazoned on her back
Thank the lord for Maya Angelou When the world went fast, she took things slow Her hopes held high when her head hung low She spoke her truth so we all could know The good lord gave us Maya Angelou  
The feminine energy, The mystical remedy To all the world's problems, the Euphorian recipe.  
Soy un viento  Fuerte pero suave, fluyendo a través de la vida  Callado como un susurro  Soy el sol  Radiante pero a veces apagado, desanimado de la vida  Roto como una luz titilante  Soy un árbol  Alto pero inseguro, temblando con el caos de la v
is looking down at the stupid cute eyes of a kid wide with admiration and knowing that you have to live up to the  cool big kid you are in their eyes.   Growing up
My lists bring me closer to perfection, Or at least lead me in the right direction. To be the perfect woman, Requires much dissection. How you walk, how you talk, and the clothes that you wear,
Inspired by the following: The Book Thief - personification.  The Hunger Games - Katniss Everdeen, the girl on fire. Thor:Ragnarok - Hela, the goddess of death.
Girl to Woman I am just a girl. 12 years and 8 months old when my mother decided to leave. I am just a girl.
I learned a long time ago  That the night only brings fear  As i walk through the city of New York  It seems to be that i am the only shadow that is creeping 
I prowl the internet late at night and everyone tells me it’s terrible for sleep but I do it anyway. I learn a lot from the late-night internet and
She told me that being strong meant to suffer.   And I couldn't possibly fathom her words, What mother, after all, tells her child to suffer?
my body is not your body. this is not your bulging stomach, pocked skin, stubborn jaw. stomach that. i'm my own woman.  my body has rights. it's its own free thing. 
I' ma lover, not a fighter, I said it all the time, Keep smiling, push through, ignore it, I didn't even realize, That wading through life like this was the fight, Checked in the mirror, but I looked fine
I have a sad story that requires music that's played by a fiddle.I've been wounded and I'm spending Black Friday at the hospital.Gamestop announced that they were knocking 80 percent off of Playstation 4s.
Remember me, A black woman, Of West Indies descent,  Remember me, A black woman, With billows of coarse kinky hair,  Remember me, A black woman, With the body of an enchantress ,
Let me start by saying,I am.
this is America don’t catch you slipping, NOthis is Americawhere aks do the talking where Krazy Krooked Kut from a differ
When you are a woman/girl/female We are supposed to act like we look We act like the skin we are in & try to make excuses for the men  Maybe I lit my own fire when I took that drink When I released that flame
Caramel like apples, sweet and nice.  Dark like chocolate with a red cherry undertone. Yellow like the flower, pink in shades of lemonade. Pastel, light, and soft as a dove.
A woman scorned Roseline Ameyaw     Rejected in love she waits Screaming at the top of her lungs Her tears flow down her rosy cheeks
The True Facts About A Woman And A Man       A woman marries for love, A man marries for sex. A woman is giving, A man is selfish.
A Woman   Strong, beautiful, ambitious and nurturer at birth, A strong foundation woman, the Queen of Mother of Earth. Daring, exciting, loyal, lovable and true,
What’s wrong With societies views on women What’s wrong With a girl showing her shoulders What’s wrong With a girl wearing short shorts to school
Proudly the scars and marks she flaunts No masks she ever needs to hide themThey are a reminder of her ever changing roles She is an epitome of grit and strength 
She is that bright array of sun-kissed color out in a field of green, orange and red and purple hues growing for no reason at all.   She is
within Zieglerville, pennsylvania genuine snow white hair upon her noggin doth adorn, perhaps she will divulge to me (in private)  after i croon (to said lass), the melody of Jimmy Crack Corn
  You were my best friend Or at least I'd like to pretend But i guess every story has two sides I remember that morning you were more than just my friend,
The woman's tears were beautiful; the rarest things tend to be. The less a fragile soul is seen, the more tender and sweet it seems.
Where are you right now? Am I dancing through your mind? I'm thinking of a night, our bodies last entwined. A passion on fire, blazing out of control. Flames so hot, brand you deep within my soul.
Dear Jamaica, You have raised a bright young girl. One who has a swing in her hips, bounce in her step and a sweet devilish smile. Yes, you have created me.
i know you're just a girl but still i feel like you put me through the wringer, twisted up my body till i was nothing but wet eyes.
I still remember, Nora, the first time you stood In front of me, trying to figure out the little tufts Of hair on your brow, On your arm, On your leg, On your pit, On your head, On your lip.
Dear Madam,   I hope that this letter may find you (and glad that it never will) Because you may never know How beautiful you looked at Perkins Park On November 9th
Dear Donald Drumpf, I don’t quite see the appeal Of a walrus wearing a toupee Shouting out obscenities while I stand here in dismay The country is in shambles
To the woman who ties her long, golden hair back with a floral bandana Oh, how your silly little smile and southern impersonations have made me feel
Girls are meant to be the assistant in a magic show Better seen not heard We should appear and disappear like the bunny out of your hat or the dove from your cloak. We have to change into whatever you want...
Dear First Love, Out of all the lies you’ve told me “I love you” was my favorite….   But your “I love you”s have lost their meaning, And my body has lost all feeling,
Whoa, Man I know that because I am a Woman You might think that I am less than You Man
HEY!, DON'T TOUCH ME RIGHT THERE!!!! I AM A LADY!!!! Im no one of these easy chicks Im not the one to get up in it quick I AM A LADY!!!! I'm not gonna allow you to touch my ass
He loves me when I smile He loves me when I laugh He loves me even when he calls me silly names He loves me when he calls me bitch or stupid I don't care when his words are mean Because he loves me 
Once upon a starry night Still is dark but seems so bright   The way the world just disappears Into your eyes into your fears  
A flowering brush silently drips and perspires under the regulation of the dawn. Bees spawn amongst the first lit blooms, humoring the early bird.
A woman lies on a glass altar.  I press on, I will not falter.  I walk up beside, I swallow my pride. I want to sexually assault her. 
What is a princess? What does she think of? Does her mind race about the worlds beyond her,  does she wonder what the world has in store for her outside of her comfort?   What is a princess?
My heart becomes a stallion that swiftly passes through the immense field of green, Her eyes are but a doorway hidden from all men, The look she gives me as I pass her_inhaling her attractive scent,
how dare you! leave her childless; how dare, this world... this icy world, with sin and shame. allow two boys to take the blame. who sadly lost their mother, to the fists of a drunken father!
I am 16 years old I’m left handed I hate my hyphenated last name And I absolutely hate bananas I still don’t know how to play video games either
my body might not be strong enough to be a shield but my mind is undeniably a sword my voice summons me to the forefront and the world is my battlefield—
dear you, beautiful black woman you woke up to a nightmare, november ninth 
She is a land mass like no other, She is the Nation of Power, She embraced this misfit foreigner, Like a caring Mother She molded me...  molded me to pursue The American Dream.
I am who I am, I am what I am, I am who I want to be, what I am meant to be, What I have survived, What I have struggled.  
i dont know how i should feel i dont know who i am crying is for the weak they say they call me a champion  my water taps open up in every game i lose my self, the fear of losing hits me
i dont know how i shoild feel i dont know who i am crying is for the week they say they call me a champion  my water taps open up in every game i lose my self, the fear of losing hits me
She's beautiful, a well oiled machine. Her cogs, pullies, and levers flow seamlessly, but-- when she enters a room full of potential suitors... she is not seen;
                                        theres rocks in my pool tonight.                                              i tried to swim through                            but caught my self in a rapid, i just let the water take me 
Our core beliefs Which were once priorities Have come to change towards minorities The greatest weapon is compliance Yet that is the same thing that brings sirens We are picked off one by one 
just breath,  don't suffocate  let the amber rose  cover the cell let the night  speak to you, to your soul let me breath  you in, I'll show  you art, her  tips are orchid 
This is too the cultures who oppress girls and deny it. listen up, equality don't mean anything too you and we understand it. you deny your daughters, sisters, mothers, aunties and grandmas.
Crazy maiden in the woods tracked her down as best I could She and I both bruised and bled. My leg was lame. She sought me dead.   A tear-smudged face,  a curdling cry A deadly grace,
When I first met you I felt something strange A feeling that comes out Which I hide long time. I knew that you like me too The way you look at me I saw it at the side of my eye
When a girl cuts her pink ribbons off her hair    she is given the chance of freedom, adulthood, and the chance to save her innocent soul   it is her choice to 
Restriction is my freedom Similarities seem so different With a new world, came a new life Life I always dreamed But now never wanted  
They see my smiles beaming, my laughter singing as I rejoice in the beauty that is life “Little Miss Sunshine,” they say. 
There's more to a woman than her body and curves. At the core of her brain is a thunderstorm that rains down wisdom, knowledge, and understanding flooding the soul of man with love in it's truest form.
A thing that not many can endure The pressure You treasue Once knocked at my door Small and brittle My heart ripped in four What love was for certain I wasn't quite sure
Bloodless   If in designation we find substance, We are neither truly rich nor poor.   I know what you see when you look at me. At least I fear as you.
When I approach after the fact When I am the first one to make the move Either feels so forced  The air is awkward  But I wasn't taught the art of gentle  I was taught to roar  To fight 
Sometimes I wish to talk to the version of me in the past The weak woman without purpose I had been A little candlelight burning at the command of others
Remember Her? By ChantaiRobinson
I banished all my roses  At dawn of Valentine  They sunk in river with a sigh  
Dr. Mae Jemison had a humble beginning. She never knew how much achievement, hard work could bring. Mae was born in Decatur, Alabama but considers Chicago, Illinois as her hometown.
With grace, You demolish preconceived notions of what a woman is or can be.
Am I nothing more than a waist line? A product of starving models, and purging diets. Because everyone wants 23 precent less than me. I am made to feel ashamed of what life has given me,
I looked at my mother as she puts her makeup on. Many words popped into my mind. Beauty Sadness Strength Would I one day wear the armor like she does?
  2am Time for the money That's what she lived by Beautiful girl, Spiral curls that swayed at her waistline
Why is it so hard to realize when someone has perished, that she is gone?   I know that she is gone but it doesn't feel real. I can feel her all around me. In every room I feel her prescence,
Fifteen years old, You finally can fill a training bra.   The boy behind you in class whispers,
I was raised to be proud, confident, to embrace full.  To ignore the mugs of the brighter skin, Living Melanin. To wear my curly fro & deny any hands to touch for it was my crown.
About Love About Relationships Man And Woman About Nice and Beautiful Woman About The Natural Instinct About The Passion That Overcomes All Obstacles And Incinerates Everything
GROWTH OF A WOMAN  foundation soil brown green grow from the roots to the trunk to the stems to the leaves birth of a nation combustion of the sun  pineal gland exploded to conceive this gravitational cycle of planets molded into a wound holding a
I am a strong, independent woman Let me repeat myself You obviously weren’t listening I am a strong independent woman
Sometimes when i look in your eye's I see the solar system other times when i look in your eye's it's like your soul is missing like night and day
  I am not an object. Sexualize, fantasize, All for your pleasure.
Last night I thought that the Moon had disappeared. A clear sky with no Moon When I knew it should be a quarter full I'm still not sure where it went
when i say you are beautiful i am not forgetting.   perhaps in beauty nature boasts the pain of life   and within you uncorrupted lays a secret garden   and within you
I look out of plane view At a mountain range anew They are so beautiful That words are to dull To describe the pull That they have on my soul
Cause I deal with so much water spill Emotions My soul makes feminine energetic Electricities run leave Kno time to reveal who's real. So the mortal end results were zero communication
rise, still, from the left-hand corners of my papers; black letters; better to read poetry in fifth grade history, shouting; I was named after a poet—   heroic: note this, notice
I don't need a Hercules who is in love with himself I don't need a Zeus who will just prop me up on the shelf I don't want Hermes since he's always on the run
Black is phenomenal To the color of my skin,The texture of my hair,The eyes, I use to stare Black is phenomenal I am not light,But dark I am not pretty,But beautiful Black is phenomenal Black is creative,Black is BlackAnd if I had the chanceI woul
Who is this body? Why is this body? What can this body be? Is it weak? Infantile? Is this body even me?   I am not my own.  I live - for everybody else. I love - for everybody else.
Imperfection. That means flawed.  Doing all that you can day in and day out, living the struggle.   They see you trying, they don't see you crying when you are staying up late after work.
I would not give you the pleasure of Killing you in your sleep. I would be making it too easy for you. You definitely didn't give me the pleasure. My eyes were wide open. I witnessed every moment.
I am... a Bitch When I say what I feel strong about People think it's a shout When I feel like I'm royal People think I'm spoiled When I'm determine to get what I want People think I'm a flaunt
Everbach, Helen noun               (1999-) US writer, social activist, high school student; full name Helen Martha Everbach  
Girl meets world Girl says HELLO She’s cleaner than soap With her new wardrobe Holier than pope Which is quite dope Always checking her horoscope She goes around the globe
I am beautiful I am empowered I am worthy I am allowed   I am unstopable I am smart I am witty I have heart   I am a daughter I am a friend I am a sister
I crush me between my fingers and palm, squeezing tightly - relentlessly Into my balled up fist I threw the things that make me me.  The bad things -
As women and girls of our world today
She was quiet.  But she wasn't shy. She had an attitude of a lioness. The mindset of Angela Davis.  And a spirit that God would soon bless. She was gracious on a daily basis.  
I am looking into a mirror.   I see myself, yet I see someone else.   I don’t know who this girl in the mirror is.   Her brown hair was messy and tangled.  
My name is not important,I am not my name. I am a lover and a listener,But also a strong fighter. Though my name identifies me,It doesn't tell my story.
  You know I can hear you whispering Did you expect me to care? Guess what, it’s all true The rumors about Shannon and I In the school bathroom What? Did you think I was ashamed?
I’m just a young black woman, Trying to get educated. Cause one day when I have children, I don’t want to tell them how I ALMOST made it. I want to tell them how I passed,
Oh to have a beard, that is my dearest wish.  I am so smooth and hairless just like a little fish.    It would be smooth and silky like ladies underwear
I am a woman. I am not weak.  I am a woman filled with passion and desire.
"I am sorry" was what he kept repeating. 
met you in the fourth grade back when we were just ten spent half my life with you every step since
Come to me My dear women Let me tell you The story of An incredible woman Carefully listen Once there was a woman She would get up early In the morning And then Wait!
*/ /*-->*/ We all Want More. One more Job One more Friend One more Dollar One more Life
What is my mission? How can I inspire? I want to make a difference, but I’m just so tired.
What a bunch of spoiled bratsI look
As a woman I can act like a lady I can dress like a lady I can expand my vocabulary so that  I sound like a lady I can walk with the right amount of sway Like a lady With just enough tease
I'm not afraid of my shadow, Or the satin woven black Of the night sky, Words it lack. I'm a heavy breather, Fantasiser, I believe In the Northern light. But strap my arms Behind my back
Dipped in gold Drenched in soul Sealed with cold How the world needs you, you'll never know Weight of the world on your back but you never fold Burdens of your plight, the heaviest of loads
As a girl, im supposed to play with barbies, not with hot wheels or a toy truck. as a girl, im supposed to have dolls, and pick flowers, for "he loves me" luck. As a chick, im supposed to wear dresses, skirts, and make up too.
GoPro cameras and Selfie Sticks, our ancestors would be horrified. But it doesn’t matter because fabricated images, and fraudulent stories are glorified. What’s wrong with putting your best self out there?
  Woman Wrapped in Self-Confidence   I am a woman wrapped in self-confidence A crown of wisdom placed upon my brow A heart of wonder laced with tenderness Tall I stand against all resistance.  
The life of a young woman is boundless and untamed There is no way of telling where she will go next or who she will become The crazy twirl that destincts Who she is   The girl I was years ago is gone
First I learned to crawl and then I learned to stand up tall. Next I learned how to walk and run And now at full speed, a young woman I am to become. My growth is flawless.
Red lips licked  As loose locks  Cup curve of hips    Red wine sips  Glass rim sings,  Touch of fingertips 
She was a beautiful gleam of light –that last bit of gleaming sunset that strikes through the sky like the chiming ring of   a spoon on fine crystal. She was a lone dandelion seed floating on the breeze,
No cover up, just light
“You walk funny.” These words have plagued my school experience. No one knows the reason behind this walk, They don’t know that my muscles don’t work and I’m slower than the rest
Body do you see this? Or even hear this? How they talk about you as if you are a piece of meat As if you are something that they can use As if you are something that can be replace  
  Tattoos? Not a chance. 
Backbone made of brick she towers over the chaotic terrain
it's your long, gray braid that i love the most. a wisp of wisdom cascading down your back, never tangled, whispers hymns through all the madness. crumbs of noodles and rice spill from it while you walk,
I am the dust of the Earth, I may not be very valuable to you, But to God, Yes, I, Even me, I do have Worth.   I am the righteousness of the King, Softly slain by life,
My skin is the skin that God put me in on the day that was the day of the 17th in the month of November the year being the one-thousand nine-hundred nintey-seventh year Anno Domini....
Hoping for destination, she  gropes toward brightness, across spaces like tundras.
My dad said once That flaws are what make a woman beautiful It took me eighteen years to believe it  
Over and over they raped her Made her feel as if she wasn't there Touched her innocent body
With want I watch the hunter and his dear. His delight; unfaltering, does not cease. A mere goodbye; you help me in my fleece- Out to the woods, to the cold morning’s air.  
Behold the olden creek where my loneliness consumes me. The trees grow with my sorrow, and the river runs through me. Until im bruising, weak and broken,
I don't if is been the movies or my friends, I have recently become an addict for a woman's fur, their beautiful skin and beautiful lips make me go crazy, if only I had a special girl that could fulfill my thirst,
Much like a woman is the sky. In the afternoon she is there, attending to her daily routine. She shines bright, yet is taken for granted most days. As evening nears, the night is only just beginning. 
Stop...Pause...and Think... Theres some thing about a womans beng There something about the way she thinks The way she sees You can't tell me God isn't real Just look at these beautiful queens
I am me, a diabolical scheme. I am a smile with pink lips, I am that woman that they say, "Excuse me, Miss?" A pretty face, but behind the painting that I reveal is a story.
I’m crying for a woman that I don’t know.
A man used to own half of a Piggly Wiggly store.But because of a girl, he doesn't own it anymore.She was half his age and she only cared about his money.She spent all of his cash and he had to file for bankruptcy.
Hey! This is a poem that I wrote describing the unfair economic system in America and how I feel being a woman of color in the USA and the daughter of refugees.
I met her by the seasideAlmost in a tranceAs sunshine shone upon herAnd skipping waves did dance.She called me with a whisperThrough the ocean air,But as I did approach her
She has her own life. She has her career,  travel to a 9-5. She wore a pants suit to the office. She loves the salon and the mall.  On weekends her and the girls go out and party.
You know what? You are absolutely right. I'm not the skinniest, thickest, apart of the group of five stars, dimes, and bad bitches I am a real woman
Girl.If you get any stronger,Your arms will get to swollen,Then your stomach never will.   
I am a force to be reckoned with. I seize emotions, Dazzle with my inner chaos, And topple egos.
Just a girl. Raised in a patriarchal family. But what is family? Abused at the age of 11, by family, stripped of my innocence.
When you look into my eyess what do you see- a strong black woman looking back at me When you look into my eyes what do you see- a warrior, a fighter, that's protecting me When you look into my eyes what do you see the- heritage of my people that
I am woman, hear me bark. Like a poodle barking at the sight of nothing. That's what men say we argue over. Believe me, it's something. Cha-Ching! That's the sound of money being made, today.
My passion is strong My heart feels pain My eyes glisten from tears My hands shake from fear
It's hard being the minority of a minority. Hard to get a job when everyone comes before me. I work hard to get what I want because it doesn't come easy. Nobody's jumping through hoops trying to please me.
As each girl takes her first inhalation, She becomes a host to the cycle of corruption. And it starts as society's thoughts creep into her ears,
Sistah Sistah! You better hold that head up high and never let that chin face the ground Don't give your enemies the satisfaction of seeing you down Sistah Sistah!
When I walk down the street I deserve to be seen Not as an object or positioned at the feet
Because men would rather gain respect from men than from women It has become apparent that the fight for better treatment in relationships is futile
I used to think I loved you I used to think you cared I used to think "this is it" I used to be so scared I used to want to be your all I used to think you did too
I write to be heard To be read and understood I write to be respected To make my point and show my strength I write to tell my story To prevent myself from crumbling  
Do you see that girl? The angelic face They made her hide, rather than embrace Shield her hair which angels would covet                                            And for, fall from grace.  
She slicked the red across her lips,
Fortress of fabric She says come in Her eyes glisten with magic She knows I can’t win My mother warned me about enchanted women Spiders in their hearts, be careful or you’ll be bitten  
I am a woman of faith,  I am a woman of my word,  I am a woman who once settled for less and was unheard. I am a woman who thought love found me,  I am a woman who gave love my all,
An outcast laying low, hiding in the shadows of the Earth’s chattering inhabitan
It’s not working And not much has changed So it’s time for blunt action To take place. I should not worry Walking home at night. Teach your sons no means no
    I wrote this to see what it would be like in a girl's position,
I used to be a girl who was so afraid of change
You are my past. So why do I fear you? For taking my innocence. For taking my confidence.  For making me afraid of every man that comes near.   You are their past. So why do they fear you?
Lonely, I can't remember reading the definition. An emotion that I,I've felt in constant repetition. My defense mechanism fits the repulsed credentials of the God above.
Her virgin crystal green eyes, gleaming, hoping, praying, For her soul to be clean, light and pure for when her time comes.   Faded, Murky, muddy eyes, burning, yearning, hoping,
Who dares to fight against the oppresion of ourselves? I dare to I dare to dream, to be more than my stereotypes, to be more than a female, a bisexual, a freak These titles tell me to follow a strict set of patterns
Every day voices circle all around me Telling me what I should or shouldn’t be Why don’t you play with girls’ toys? Why do you spend so much time with boys? You should go shopping more with fellow females
What harm can we do you on our knees?
I'll be standing till i get hurt I will NOT fall. They tried to shut me down but I didn't let them They tried to make me hate myself  but I keep trusting myself I AM STRONG....
I am far removed from my appearance Well behaved child of separate parents Sacrificing for others always Only all done for convenience   Nice because I am naïve Yet nice gets me what real doesn’t
I am a woman. Catcalls are not a compliment. Not in a world that blames vulnerability instead of those who take advantage of it. I am intelligent. But it doesn’t matter because my body is worth more than my mind
 I am woman.     Once I was gatherer, harvester, carrier, birther. Once I was producer, property, livestock. Once I was empty and blank. Once I was space.   I am woman.  
He knocks me onto the floor Tear drops and lightning break out I cry out and run to the door He kicks me and with a shout
The trees he slit each bedtime are my limbs. Breathing branches laid to rest. Spread as a tumor, Man forces lactating yield, across this wielding breast.
Starting a new chapter every morning  of my life   I seek improvement, reverence and connectivity    MY LIFE!      I walk on thin ice made of doubt...
Your wink and smile, Curly hair and tan skin, Your beauty is such a sin, Especially that devilish grin, Your heart is mine to win.
What happened to being
Woman soar Woman move Woman dance Woman fight Woman win Woman lose  Now this woman's emotions lies in her tears  Woman's pride Woman's beauty Woman's drive Woman's aspiration Woman's dream Woman's desire to be love Woman's freedom Woman's determin
   The roofs caving in  and it's getting hard Economy gets bright ever day but it rains outside and inside their just to much pain should of could of would of but times slipping away
I'm a Strong Black Woman, proud and true. I'm a Strong Black Woman, no matter what you do. I'm a Strong Black Woman, as the sky is blue. I'm  a Strong Black Woman and yes, I've been through.  
A blue moonComes once a monthIn the heart of aLittle girl. With the biggest eyesLike scoops of chocolatePlopped down inThe mouth of men.
How do I bear the pain of the world? 
I wear a red dress; Bloodied from a long lost heel; I am now a woman.
Her curves lips buttery  smooth hips. Her tender  hands hair in soft strands. Her thick lump thighs. Her want-me  eyes. Breasts so soft supple
I am a woman of color. I am a woman inside and out.  I am a new born baby. I am a woman of color.  I am child. I am a woman of color.  I am a teen age girl in love.  I am a woman of color. 
As I travel in the gloomy forest of false sensations, I can feel the deathly reach of infinite temptations. Lost in woe; Torture and Agony be my guides! I feel myself abandoned in the guise.  
Body Language With the strut of the Wind, The boundless flow of time. Our minds tend to flutter, With an undying chime.   Speaking through tocs and tics Vision scattered,
I am Female. I am Girl. I am Woman. I am large hips, I am tiny waist, I am large chest, I am stereotype. I am pretty face, makeup, lipstick, I am beauty.  
 She grows in a special pot.Made of wires and fear.Commonly broken and torn through.But always put back in her place.She's cared for and dusted,Her eyes behind the glass box,Sees a world she can never touch,And a world that will never touch her.Sh
God's first mistake wasn't the talking snake, but making man before women. To be completely honest here, we all truly know that women are superior beings in many ways (not in all ways, but just many) when compared to the common man.
M  ountains of work, bills, burden-- the family must be fed. A  nd a young man's dreams? N  o.   they don't exist.   W  orried silver threads O  ver the sink, bubbles sliding on wrinkles
    Dear Aunt Wendy, if you are reading this please come home.   Because I saw you praise His name And at night I watched you weep
She Helps the helpless, Enrich the poor, Humbles the wealthy, Reaches those unreachable, And encourages the distraught.
     What sly, sneaky dogs gentleman can be,disguising themselves to others to have a sort of innocent fluency. But what man can truly stand with his girl and not look at another,or struggle not to?
Yet my heart flutters, my gut repulses.I crave his company and voice,even though every mutter of his breath will be of her.The way his lips move when he speaks,oh it melts me to the core with crave.
My great grandmother could not read and her daughter could not write. My mother passed me the pen and told me to fly. When I write, I unlock the diaries belonging to the hearts of all my mothers.
She's beautiful.She drinks, smokes and parties all night every time she can,No one has truthfully told her she's beautiful, She thinks she's not worth it, 
  What is beauty? Well if I were to give the simplest definition I’d say you. What is beauty?
Moonshinethat croon of minemad and frantic infection, a moan that stirs from hurttoils that strike like weights, pulls at your foreheadskins your knuckles it’s irrelevant my wants,your wants.
Dear young woman on the other end of the computer screen, 
feelings go unrequited because you have high standards, havent found anyone quite like it. now your fate decided, you're striving to find someone thats trying, to understand you like they're psychic. they come around, but you never buy it.
Dressed in white and at the hall, Excited was she not nervous at all, It was a day she looked forward to since she was a child, Whenever she thought about it she sat and she smiled.
they scream "we're not drunk enough!" so I give them the golden liquor of death 150 proof and an extra bottle of gin to control their djinns some ginseng on top so they sing sweetly
She paints her lips rouge Donning the black dress and matching hat Putting on pumps and a veil She is going to a funeral Bidding farewell to her final betrayal   This entity has no heartbeat
mind is on hold heart is in fast forward words were once all that needed to be heard                  Now  The People Need A Proclamation.          A Declaration From You To The People.  
  Woman. I am a person. I live breathe eat. I am woman. Someone who refuses to be beat. Don’t take me for a weakling. Don’t fool with my mind. Because I am one who can also be unkind.
she had a stern brow. i could tell that the present was troubling her that she was stuck inside of her mind and there was no breaking free for now she was unapproachable
Love had escaped me Falling in love Impossible Being loved Even more so So I thought But love found me Rather given to me By the One who is love Through a woman A woman of God
The calm of the arm used as pillow to escape harm, when the charm, is flustered and the luster of the week can't be mustered so we sound the alarm, she's there.
You'll always be second best You'll always be just a pretty face You'll always be someone to be seen, not heard They tell me what I am, they say who I should be "Women shouldn't think, that's not what they're for."
For a man to love a woman For a woman to love a man God is placed into their lives For God to love man and women And for the love of man and woman To be eternal
She was never the type to fall in love Rather fall into bed "Having a good time" was one of her mottos Got what she wanted then fled Hell no she didn’t want no ring on her finger
I don’t go to church anymore, there’s no sleep for the restless. I spend my days with a crooked wishbone, the meat still sticking to it, and our shed smells like the gasoline that burned out of me years ago.
Listening to the stories of others Like pages turning, examples of being told no That you can’t do it. You’re silly. Or crazy. Dream smaller. Safer What about that little girl Who sits in her college dorm
I know you...but how ? Ive seen you... wondering if things will get better. You heard that for every dark night there are brighter days and you want to give up but they say hard work pays.
I am a girl who is trying to achieve But get knocked down When I get deceived I'm honest I'm truthful I was dedicated I don't wanna give up Though my hopes you did Disintegrated
The wind blew lightly barely touching the earth carefully carressing the face of nature she quiet;y preperes herself for battle
Love is love “Gender doesn’t define love.” Why is it people judge what they don’t understand? Homo, faggot, dyke, queer! Out of all the pain we mostly hold in fear. We endure and we take all we can.  
A being but not of flesh He is existence He is truth He is all The melody he sings Graces the ears Like honey the tongue A fresh current sprung Spreading, reaching, growing, flowing—unheard
How can you see through the fog and the lies that surround your scarf You told one student he was going to Hell and another she was not feminine enough you told me that women have it easy
I tack a portrait of you to the classroom wall --You-- Gorgeously lit in the the frame of a window Appear in the grays and blacks and whites of the photograph Peering questioningly at all who view You.
Women are just a different type of man without one, neither would exsist. we both have two arms, two legs, and two eyes. two eyes that see few differences between us.
The breath that must withstand the agony of birth, as an innocent child enters the world, also is the air that cares for the stern man, who pays her no mind. Her careful hands cradle the baby bird,
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