words can never explain,

Sun, 04/09/2017 - 20:06 -- taj2002


25° 16' 27.8328" S, 133° 46' 30.4896" E

                                        theres rocks in my pool tonight.

                                             i tried to swim through

                           but caught my self in a rapid, i just let the water take me 

                                             bruising my bare skin.

                          lifting cotton clothing high above my head,exposing myself.

                                             i seem not to care, for once.

                          though i am drowning, its feels i am one with gravity again.

                                            on land i drift away... too fast.

                         not able to be seen, not wanting to be seeen.im like atoms.

                                           the ones that your teacher acknowledges.

                                          they tell you they are everywhere but not seen.


-Retaj Maryol















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