Whoa, Man

I know that because I am a


You might think that I am less than

You Man

But that’s just not the case since you know

That I can.

And although the stigma is that I am

“Weaker” than you, Man

I can’t help but wonder if you could handle

The Pain that I can

If you can raise the world up

Like I can

If you could go against the written path

Like I can

If you can fight for equality

Like all of us can


I am not conformity, Man

I am not a whore because my clothes make

You Aroused, Man

I am not a terrorist because my religion makes

You Uncertain, Man

I am not impure because my blood of life makes

You Uncomfortable, Man

I am not less than you because you think

I am, Man


Because it’s even in our name.

Man or Woman

Male or Female

We may be just a little bit different

But that does not make us Unequal


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