I am, dear you [11-09-16]

dear you,

beautiful black woman

you woke up to a nightmare, november ninth 

and your hood is silent in the mornings

your heartbeat races in your chest

a sensory overload

feeling every sting of the 44 degree wind

and see every person walking as a single string

not connected to the world

everyone for themselves 

now you sense war


you strong black woman

your gay friends

your Arab Literature teacher

your bestfriend

Hispanic with generations before her born in Colombia

they matter

you matter

all human just as you are

the disrespect that we have taken

it has now been accepted nationwide


forgiving black woman

knowing it's a lot closer to home

seeing this same ignorance within your own family

the same unwillingness to learn

the same resistance to knowledge 

let it not discourage you

stay true to who you are 

and bend your back for nobody who won't do the same


you determined black woman

with a beautiful black family

love as you always have

and protect as you always will

this stirring war will not defeat the strongest of soldiers


dear you,

beautiful black woman

prep your prayers


sincerely yours,

a beautiful black woman



This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country



Beautiful, just beautiful. This has inspired me, thank you so much.

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