The Feminazi Speaks

I am a woman.

Catcalls are not a compliment.

Not in a world that blames vulnerability instead of those who take advantage of it.

I am intelligent.

But it doesn’t matter because my body is worth more than my mind

And you think I owe you because you decided to be kind,

Then somehow, you question my fear of ever walking alone.

When 35% of men admit they would rape if guaranteed “not guilty,”

And a valid excuse is “I did it because she wanted me,”

Of course I’m going to fight.


I am a woman.

A force to be reckoned with.

Don’t bother telling me any different.

I am a warrior.

My ideas alone shape my world as if it were little more than clay,

I face battles day after day;

Fear for myself, sexism, narrow-mindedness,

Things I can never escape

Because men consider themselves some hero in a red cape,

But I don’t need to be saved.


I am a woman.

I deserve to be heard.

Don’t tell me I’m a feminazi because I demand the same rights as you.

Just because you objectify my physiology,

Doesn’t mean you can take what you want without apology,

You are not better than me.

I’m not some bitch desperate for attention,

I’m just trying to survive in your world of pretension

To everything you see.


I am a woman.

I’m not going to dress a certain way, live a certain way, think a certain way because you’ll be       uncomfortable if I do any different.

I’m not saying I’m better than you,

I’m not saying I’m perfect.

But never forget:






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