Our Army VS. you

As women and girls of our world today
we struggle to meet expectations
Our society has made
we strive to be their definition of "good enough" 
and in the process we slowly break
losing sight of ourselves , our worth, and His love
We seek out voices
echoing of our beauty and perfection
yet when we stare into a mirror
we are blinded for all we see is imperfect destruction
as we label ourselves "ugly: view at your own discretion"
Our own reflections have become
none other than our worst enemies
within man-made portals to self-hate
because we let society dictate
who we are and who they think we should be
so we paint on the saddest smiles ive ever seen 
and hope strays as we forget the hands of the God
 who molded us,  who made us
beautifully in His image 
who died to save us
But our demons 
the voices in our heads scream loud
and we fade out our Father 
as the Devil comes about, He is on the prowl
and as he plants his seed
he constantly feeds on the pain we release as he whispers:
"You'll never be good enough
Too skinny, too fat
your thighs dont touch, you dont even have a gap
you lack the hair of a goddess
your skin is not flawless"
he'll tell you
your breast are too big,your butt is non existent
that people will always judge you on the color of your pigment
he'll make you believe 
you're a pathetic virgin
and you a nasty slut
keep them closed 
they arent opened enough
he'll make sure you think
you're too awkward to speak to a boy
your confidence he will destroy
and if you happen to have a boyfriend
who fails to see your beauty and treats you like crap
the Devil will love it, he'll make sure you start to truly believe that
and when youre at your lowest 
he'll kick you down
chew you up and spit you out
he'll sing to you:
"cut a little deeper 
sip up a bit
throw it all up
take another hit  
let those boys use you like toys
happy thoughts? I think not"
But my precious sisters 
have you not noticed the reoccurring theme?
It's the same one who trying so hard to make us believe 
that we are unworthy , stupid, irrelevant, that we lack intelligence
Because, he. hates. us.
The most complex creatures God ever made
God literally took out Adams rib
to place in Eve's cage
we are woman of God
so therefore we are powerful
and the devil strives to break us down
he is the smoke in the blunt
the blood in the cut
the finger in your throat
the reason why you think
alcohol can be your antidote
he is that voice we hear 
telling us we are nowhere near
Radiant, strong and dignified
that we are not loved by the God we glorify
his greatest trick is making us think he does not exist
convincing us that the negative thoughts in our heads, we contrive
And he goes through all this struggle
To keep us from the root. 
The Truth , The Way, and  The Life
From the one who is bigger and stronger than the him
From the one who's fire is ignited from within
For the devil knows that once we recognize 
that we are engulfed in Our Father's love
that he can not penetrate our minds.
We are royalty. 
Daughters of Christ the King
Radiant, shining brighter than the sun
  Beautiful daughters of God the Father, the Holy Spirit and Son
 You are so beautiful and lovely
worthy of the love to be loved and to love 
You are gift from above, you mean something.
 You have a purpose that bump bump bump you feel beneath your chest? 
That  means you are enough.
 That means you are worth it
Princesses of the holy kingdom
drowning in our Lord's love and wisdom
and even when we are down in the dirt
broken, lost, hurt
our God helps us to see 
 that He is always there for us 
and He always will be
He reminds us of our worth
He shows us our purpose on this earth
and no matter how bad we think we've messed up
he will always for give us
He will hold on tight
and help us through our fight
and as for the Devil you see
he crumbles beneath
knowing that his plan has failed
and we have prevailed
He will continue to try
and continue to pry into our lives
but we will refuse to let him in
we see through his disguise
we know his lies 
so we shut him out
get on our knees 
and pray out loud
"Hail Mary full of Grace
kick the Devil in his face
our faith he cannot erase
Let it be known what we can do
when we walk with Christ hand in hand
Satan I hope you know its our army versus you."
This poem is about: 
Our world


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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