Oh how a woman is so...

The calm of the arm used as pillow to escape harm, when the charm, is flustered and the luster of the week can't be mustered so we sound the alarm, she's there. to wipe the dirt of sorrow, to kiss the pains away from our tomorrows, but we take advantage so we borrow. it doesn't need to be a kiss, a hug an embrace or even eye contact, sometimes its just a hand on the shoulder, when the weight of life like a boulder weighs too much just a touch can be a holder. we can live to say I DO NOT NEED A WOMAN, but even that is a lie no matter how many times is said can never be believed. how can we excuse her use of needs, when she reprieves our gritty deeds and rolls her sleeves to release the sheaths of the blades of anger that bring me to my knees. Oh how a woman is so, because when a man is at his worst, a woman will surely know, although we may not always be a knight with a shine, she'll always take a serf with a glow…


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