Half Our Lives

met you in the fourth grade

back when we were just ten

spent half my life with you

every step since

we dream of becoming doctors

police officers



and even president as kids

and now we're here

we're twenty

being thrown into the 'real world'

no one ever said growing up

would happen so fast

but here we are

shaping our futures

awaiting our destinys

pursuit of medicine

is whats best for me

you on the other hand

took a different route

one many may not agree on

or think you can handle

but you've proven other wise

the moment you desired to be a welder

this field can be tough




all around hard work

but who said a girl

can't fit right in

you're just as tough

just as skilled

just as hard working

as any man out there

you've proven yourself to so many

to the loved ones who are supposed to have your back

to the strangers who look down on you

to the society who think women aren't enough

be courageous

stick with your ambitions

your aspirations

listen to your head

follow your heart

they somehow already know

what you've wanted to become

never give up

and i'll be here

by your side

where i have been

for half our lives


This poem is about: 
My family


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