Remember Her?

Remember Her?
By ChantaiRobinson

She sits still,surrounded by, memories of you.
Numbed by the thought of your touch.
You took her heart,
Not once but twice.
You stored in your refridgerator of lies.
Its been so long,
Its as frozen as ice.

You said you loved her,
But you lied.
To get in her pants,
So many times you tried.

You failed and failed.
But she felt bad for you.
So she gave you a chance.
Its a pity she had no idea,
what you were about to do.

You pulled her in,deep in.
To a place she’s never been.
You stripped her naked of everything.
What once was closed,
Now open to you.
What once was covered,
Now nude.

You take your best shot,
Not minding her tears.
Pop! You hit right in there.
Now its gone.
What she treasured so much.
Taken from her.
Just by your touch.

She’s just like the rest now,
Isn’t she?
Caged in by your seduction.
No one can set her free.

Until she fell on her knees.
Not to please you.
But to pray.
She was tired of this.
She was ready to break the chains.

There’s something about her.
I know you see it.
Its not about who she is now.
But the God who did it.

Regret is swelling your heart.
You shouldn’t have messed with that one.
Remember her?
I know you do.
She’s not the same girl,
you think you knew.

The dress you tore off her,
Was replaced with robes of white.
The seeds you planted in her life,
Were destroyed by Jesus Christ.

Remember her?
I know you do.
She’s the reason you’re not dead,
She goes to God on behalf of you.
You shouldn’t have messed with her.
She’s one of God’s most treasured jewels.

Repent while you have the chance.
God wants to forgive you.
Despite the things you’ve done to her.
He still loves you.
Remember her?
She remembers you too.


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