Who’s freedom
We did tell you
We are here to help
You may feel caged
Feisty winds
Furious skies
We ought to human you
With riches,
Turn the paradise into a heaven

With dreams,
Girls will leave home now
Make it to school

Liberty, for your women


From the monsters, you are
The land is ours
You did sign it off

All is well
It’s your imagination,
See it’s not real
Bazars are bustling
Didn’t you hear
The school prayer
In the morning assembly,

Children singing
We shall overcome
Don’t be so fickle
You don’t need freedom
We want to keep you
Wingless, will do
Out of love
For your lands
And the lakes
Mountains and the peaks

You can go if you like

But, don’t you forget

Home is where theheart is


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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