Burying Misery

Fri, 06/28/2013 - 12:07 -- EMH-IFW


She paints her lips rouge

Donning the black dress and matching hat

Putting on pumps and a veil

She is going to a funeral

Bidding farewell to her final betrayal


This entity has no heartbeat

For it manifests at happenstance

But this misery and woe she bore

Flew against the wind face

Rebuked suddenly by grand stand


She rejoices silently

Standing silently as the man of her old life

Is lowered solemnly to rest

One peculiar thing about this burial

Is that she is the only one in attendence

Next to the priest 

Not anyone's behest


The last rights are read

She becomes ready to take flight

She throws a withered rose

In silent delight

The man she once knew who stood tall and bright

Became misery and abusive

When he chanced her one night.



Enjoy it!

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