The Social Norm


Every day voices circle all around me

Telling me what I should or shouldn’t be

Why don’t you play with girls’ toys?

Why do you spend so much time with boys?

You should go shopping more with fellow females

And have fun trying to find all those good sales

My weak insignificant voice tries to reason

That I don’t like shopping for every season

I can’t help loving this video game and that “boy thing”

But hey, look! At least I really like to sing!

They tell me it’s not enough, that I have to conform

That it’s unacceptable to deviate from the social norm

When they say this fact that I can’t argue about

The sad truth crushes me, makes me cry my eyes out

Although they say being a girl should fill me with joy

In the end they just make me wish I’d been born a boy.



Thank you so much!! ^_^ I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way.

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