Beautiful Bird

My heart becomes a stallion that swiftly passes through the immense field of green,
Her eyes are but a doorway hidden from all men,
The look she gives me as I pass her_inhaling her attractive scent,
For my eyes had witnessed a beauty that no man had ever seen.

Although the other men not notice her rare and perfect movement,
They were too blind to notice that a Goddess were amongst them,
She sighs in the belief that she's not good enough for any man,
However were they blind and had not come to terms to understand,
That she was worth more than any diamond or for that matter any piece of land;
I'd love her forever if only she was mine_but she feels that I don't want her_when even though I can.

I watch her move so quietly although she says no word,
Her breathe so solemn and divine_the song of a beautiful bird.

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Our world


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