To Be the Perfect Woman

Wed, 06/26/2019 - 22:50 -- dbvazqu

My lists bring me closer to perfection,

Or at least lead me in the right direction.

To be the perfect woman,

Requires much dissection.

How you walk, how you talk, and the clothes that you wear,

Independence and brains,

It’s a nightmare!


Sometimes this society gives me anxiety.

The questions in my head are quite the variety.

Am I crazy?

Am I lazy?

Or is my judgement simply hazy?


The other day, I found a list,

Made two years ago

“To Be the Perfect Woman”

Requires much to go...


Do this, do that, this is your chance.

Learn photography, calligraphy, journaling, and dance,

Drink water, cook healthy, and eat less red meat,

Start a garden, recycle, and watch less TV,


“Soft hair and shaved legs will make you more desirable!”

“But don’t be too vain!"

"Still follow the Bible!”


Find an internship or 2,

or 3, or 4, or 5.

Work and study--without sleep

And do not bat an eye.


Travel the world, look like a dime

“You’re at your prime!”

“Stop wasting your time!”


These lists of comparison

Used to make me upset.

But these days,

I don’t see them as a threat.


I have done half the things I said I would do,

And I’m happily learning to love myself true.


So if somebody tells me I’m not doing enough,

I will personally call them out on their bluff

Then without delay,

I’ll laugh and I’ll say,

“I’m not the perfect woman

And that’s perfectly okay.”

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