Seven Out of Ten

He said I was a seven
Not an eight, not a nine
Nor a perfect ten, a seven
Pretty basic right?

If this is my highest rating so be it
Because on a scale of one to ten
I have no limits.
If I’m a seven, 
I’m the seven on a Richter scale,
I’ll rock your world
despite the fact 
I’m not your perfect ten girl.
If I’m a seven,
I’m the seven that you pray for
when you throw the dice in the air,
I’m the seven that could finally make
Bruno Mars a billionaire.

But let’s back track
and switch lanes
Because I'm tired of youe
one to ten rating games.
You say you want a dime. 
Well instead of looking for some spare change,
How about looking for a change?
Or would that be too strange? 
Loving someone for being real,
rather than a dimes by the dozen 
package deal?

But I digress.
When it comes to your tests,
I don’t care if I pass,
Cause “you can pay for school
but you can’t buy class
Word to Jay-Z, 
Now here’s another dose of reality.

Beauty without substance 
is like lightning without thunder,
So next time think twice 
before you rate a girl a number.

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