I am Woman (spoken word piece)

I am a strong, independent woman

Let me repeat myself

You obviously weren’t listening

I am a strong independent woman

Regardless of the words you are telling me that "the sky's the limit"

When i know i can reach for the stars

But your actions are holding me back like gravity

A force meant to be defied

And I will defy  your disrespect, mistreatment and misunderstanding

I am strong because I am not afraid to break a nail

To get down and dirty

In fact I will claw, punch and kick my way through your barriers to lead to the top of it all

To my destiny

I will break the chains of social injustice that restrict me

from reaching my dreams and aspirations

I will break free from the cage of your gender stereotypes

I may be a woMAN, a feMALE but you will no longer define me

I am a strong, independent woman

I am independent because I defy those old Disney princess fantasies

You see, I will stop my wicked witch, slay my dragon, and still have time to run my kingdom

I don't need prince charming to save me

And i wont be defined by my shoe size

I am independent because I can think for myself

I don't need Cosmo, 17 nor Vogue to tell me how to dress

I don't need the media to tell me how to look

I don't live in the Malibu Dream House

I don't come with accessories

I will never be Barbie

She's perfect plastic and fake fantasies

While I'm the real deal

I am more than what you see

I am more than my face

I am strong because i can bleed for 5 days and 4 nights and only get so much as a cramp

I can endure the pain of my body being ripped open just to give birth

And underneath all the screams and blood splatter is a woman turned into a mother

I am more than my body

I am a temple that deserves respect

I am brought by Adam

But made HERstory by Eve

And none shall enter my garden

I am not a tool for your pleasure

I am not your servant, maid or chef

I won't fix your breakfast

I won't make your bed

My many uses aren't to be used by you

Don't call me baby, or babe

Do not undermine me

For I am powerful beyond belief

I am a strong, independent woman

I am strong because I am connected to my inner being

my spiritual surroundings and with life all around

Yes, I may live in my emotions sometimes, and you may scrutinize my expression

But I can walk with my head held high and a smile on my face

I have a voice

I have mind

I have a soul

None of which you can control

I will strike you down with my very last breath

Never hesitating to become the woman i'm meant to be

I am strong and independent

I am woman


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Cruznlexis  you have inspired  me and I would like to use your spoken word for a piece of dance choreography.  



Jennlynn5678 yes, you can totally use it just as long as you can send me a video of the dance. I think it is really interesting you want to use it as a dance piece.

Paco Arizmendi

This is a beautiful piece.

Would love to get in touch with the poet to talk about including it as part of our podcast.




My name is Jacqueline LaBayne and I am a senior at Florida Atlantic University. I am competing in our Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated's Miss Black and Gold Pageant and I would love to use this piece! Please if you could let me know if that is okay if use this? Thank you so much you really inpired me!


Hi CRUZNLEXIS.. this is such a nice poem.. can I use thi for my inspiration drawings and doodle


I would like touse part of this poem of a speach turnoment im doing a conjucshion of poetry about strong womn and the struggles that we face can i please have you promishion to do so.


Can I please use your poem as the body of mine



I am a student competing in individual speech and I was wondering if I could use your spoken word for my public adress. I find your words to be very inspiring and would love to continue to share them. 


Hello Cruznlexis your poem is really inspiring, can I use it for our women convention, adding a few words to fit into to theme? Thank you

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