Thank you Maya Angelou

Thank the lord for Maya Angelou

When the world went fast, she took things slow

Her hopes held high when her head hung low

She spoke her truth so we all could know

The good lord gave us Maya Angelou


Her voice like leather on an old bound book

Too rough for satin, but you’d stop and look

Too soft for marble, but as strong as stone

She wrote her heart so her scars were shown

The mighty Maya Angelou


Behind her smile hid a tongue of fire

Two rows of teeth like chicken wire

She fought some battles that we’ll never know

She left her mark everywhere she’d go

The queen of queens Maya Angelou


So I write this poem in hopes she’ll hear

Although she’s gone her voice is near

The soul as soft as Christmas snow

The way she laughed and made you glow

We never met, but I know you know

I want to thank you, Maya Angelou



This is beautiful

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