Much Like a Woman is the Sky

Much like a woman is the sky.
In the afternoon she is there, attending to her daily routine.
She shines bright, yet is taken for granted most days.
As evening nears, the night is only just beginning. 
Much like a woman, the sky tries out many colors before escaping for the night; 
Looking breathtaking in each vibrant or pastel outfit,
But the first never appears as glamorous as the next to come. 
Like a woman, the sky tries out shades of pinks, oranges, blues and purples;
The colors changing within minutes of each other, 
Because just like a woman,
The sky can never seem to make up its mind.
Much like a woman, 
The sky never wears the same outfit two nights in a row.
It is always something different,
Yet never fails to stun you with beauty.
Much like a woman,
The sky finally decides to pick its final shade to wear,
Before slipping away into a night of unknown.


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