Black is phonemal


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United States
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Black is phenomenal To the color of my skin,The texture of my hair,The eyes, I use to stare Black is phenomenal I am not light,But dark I am not pretty,But beautiful Black is phenomenal Black is creative,Black is BlackAnd if I had the chanceI would never turn my back,To the ones who say black is ugly,That to be beautiful, you have to be light I shall face them full heartedly with a smile on my face,and grace through my waist as I walk to the close-minded people And say Black is phenomenal You cannot break me down, so that I may think black is whackBecause in my heart I know black is will never be that Black is phenomenal They break us down so that we may hate ourselves and our colorBut little do they know, we aren't so different from eachother    Black is powerful and so am IOur sole country was built upon the blacksAnd thus the world, Without darkness there wouldn't be no light Without darkness you wouldn't be able to see the future so bright         

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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