The True Facts About A Woman And A Man

The True Facts About A Woman And A Man




A woman marries for love,

A man marries for sex.

A woman is giving,

A man is selfish.

A woman cherishes,

A man destroys.

A woman obeys,

A man just gives demands

A woman is a nurture,

A man is a protector and a provider.

A woman is filled with emotions

A man is apathy.

A woman desires to birth for children,

A man wants sex without planting any seeds.

A woman holds her family together with all the love she weaves,

A man is visual and lusts after what he sees.

A woman craves for her man and with all of her emotions she freely shares,

A man is always on the hunt for other women and prey upon them to partake with him in having an affair.

A woman is possessive in protecting her own,

A man is a liar, a cheater, a manipulator, an adventurous and strong.

A woman can be broken, but meads back together over time,

A man that is broken, he never heals and he is eternal damage and grows hateful and bitter while he constantly replays his hurt over and over again inside his mind.

A woman grows more radiant and beautiful as she ages,

A man looks for a young a woman to define his youth, while he is going through the aging stage.

A woman and a man is different in so many ways,

But the two of them could unite together, and began a life together, while turning over a new page.


By Cathy Prather Russell

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