Kiss of the Spider Woman


Fortress of fabric

She says come in

Her eyes glisten with magic

She knows I can’t win

My mother warned me about enchanted women

Spiders in their hearts, be careful or you’ll be bitten


Her wild black hair

Patched up skirt and bracelets that sing like bells

The crisp autumn air

Was not the only one casting spells

Her bony finger beckoning me closer

Chills race down my spine, shivering all over


A dance of secrets

She knows things I have yet to find out

Calling on spirits

She is dangerous, without a doubt

Her beauty is suffocating, taking me alive

She draws me closer, fire in her eyes


Your future comes with a price

How badly do you want to know?

You should think twice

But her fangs are deep in me, and the venom starts to flow


Face to face, her eyes bore into mine

My foolish lips meet hers, and I know it is unwise

Vivid images dance before my very eyes

Marriage, a home, children, a beautiful sunrise


A strange feeling in my gut, our souls intertwine

Panic seeps through my pores, but I cannot run or hide

She smiles, her dance is almost complete

She breaks our kiss and I fall to my knees

The spider's we is spun

She's had her fun


I've seen my future

But i'll never live it.


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