"Feminism Didn't Make Me Hate Men; The Reaction To It Did"

I’m sick of the word feminist being thrown back and forth like it’s an insult.

I’m sick of the idea that it’s an act of sexism and that it’s irrelevant in today's society and that it isn’t needed.

Because feminism, by definition, is the advocacy, the support of women’s rights. It is the belief of the equality of the sexes. The key word in that definition is equality. If feminism was sexism, than that word would not be there.

And no we’re not just stopping at sexes. We believe in equality for all genders, races, classes, sizes ages and yes we support your sexual orientation.

To pretend that the current world provides equal opportunities to everyone is absurd.

To believe that sex is only for creation and that woman are just baby carrying machines who should do their job and obey men, is absurd.

To believe that this is a mans world, that they have the right to do as they please, to believe that a woman’s job is to pledge her obedience to her husband is absurd.

Because these beliefs are sexist in every definition of the word.

And feminism, something fighting for equality and to change the lives of women should not be so talked down upon.

As a feminist I can say that I don’t hate men, I hate patriarchy, I hate the systematic belief that men are better than woman. I want to overpower the misogynists that insist on suppressing us.

As a feminist I can tell you why I need feminism.

I need feminism because I am done with all of this life starts at conception dictating women’s bodies as if a cluster of cells is its own U.S Citizen. Because the day a powerful old white man tries to tell me just what I can and can’t do with my own body is advocating biological slavery and clearly he missed the point of the 1950’s. I’ll forever refuse to allow my uterus to be brought into all of these never ending politics.

I need feminism because I should be able to embrace my sexuality and wear what I want without worrying about being slut shamed or subjected to sexual harassment.

Because Robin Thicke actually thinks that Blurred Lines is a Feminist movement, because how many rape survivors had the words of their attackers thrown back at them in the form of a catchy pop song?

I need feminism because sometimes I want to be a princess and sometimes I want to be a slut.

Because women are expected to shave their body hair and wear push-up bras and thongs and paint their faces, but we sure as hell should not have to.

Because someones self-respect isn’t determined by what they wear or how many people they chose to have sex with.

I need feminism because we are known as the majestic land of the free.

But we have the freedom to have guns yet we’re not free to love, free to screw yet not free to chose.

As a feminist I don’t want to hold back any longer, I’ll defend my beliefs and proudly stand with a movement that is aiming to change the world and prevent this country’s moral recession.


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