Out of All the Lies

Dear First Love,

Out of all the lies you’ve told me “I love you” was my favorite….


But your “I love you”s have lost their meaning,

And my body has lost all feeling,

For I embedded my heart in your soul,

And your absence has taken it’s tole,

For the reality is you broke your own heart; not mine….


While your addiction tore us apart,

I still looked at you as if you were a piece of art,

I managed to look up to you as if you put the stars in the sky,

And I’ll never understand why,

Why you had to leave,

And why I had to believe,

That true love was real,

In this world of cruel ideals….


After you left,

With a conviction of love and theft,

I discovered I was strong,

And you were wrong,

For you were weak,

And as I regained my balance on these tender feet,

On your face I caught a glimpse of sweet bitter defeat….


For I will never be caged,

And my addictions have changed,

For I loved you with all my heart,

But I am my own piece of art….


This is something I thought I’d never say,

That it has made my day,

To finally be able to walk away,

Announcing I will never again be a victim of your foul play….


I embedded my heart in your soul,

And it has finally taken it’s tole,

For I now understand your reasons,

And why your attitude changes like the seasons,

And why you couldn’t bare to see me cry,

Because you knew you were the reason why,


But I have withdrawn from my high,

And I will no longer look at you as if you put the stars in the sky,

I look at your pathetic face and sigh,

As an individual made of stardust,

I’ve learned to not give away my trust,

I have loved many times before,

But I have yet to forget that it was me that my heart first beat for….



a Strong Woman

This poem is about: 
My family


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