If I Was A Man


Tattoos? Not a chance. 
Can you imagine the weird glance
I’ll receive from future employers? 
Dad once said “tattoos will destroy her” - 
Her, being me. 
Me, being too naive to see.
If only i was a gentleman.
“Dad, I think I like this guy.”
“Oh do you? Nice try.”
“But dad, I really do like this guy.”
“You will not be with him, say your goodbye.”
“But why, Dad? Why?”
“Because, I deny. 
You must learn how to protect yourself from this guy.”
“Why can’t this guy learn not to take advantage?”
“Because, He’s a man. That’s you’re disadvantage.”
If only I was a man.
“Daddy, I think I want to pierce my ears” 
“No, not for a few years.”
“Why, Daddy? Why?”
“Because.” he said with a sigh.
He has no reason, it’s her body
But no was the answer, and so she cried.
If only I was a guy
“Daddy, do you like this dress? It shows off my shape!”
“Are you kidding me? You’re asking for rape.”
“But Daddy, how am I asking?”
“By showing off your body that you should be masking.”
“But-“ she cried before she could finish her sentence,
“Because.” He said. “You are not a man’s toy.”
If only I was a boy.
So, she sat in her room with her journal and a razor,
Maybe next time he could learn to praise her.
But no, she is a girl 
Growing up in a fucked up world.
But now she is not a girl at all
She’s taken her ultimate fall
No longer a woman, not even a man 
A short life set free
If only I wasn’t me.
Poetry Terms Demonstrated: 





not appreciating your identity

makes one want to be another

Attempting to alter destiny

giving yourself a cover

you are never who you want to be

nor do you accept reality


living in deception

You attempt to fool others


you are the only believer

Only you are the casualty

of your own deceit


fooling oneself

was never clever

have you never felt

It would be better

if you just accepted yourself


let others think how they want

say what they like

You are no longer their victim

time is the witness

Their thoughts are their offense

their words their felony

their actions are their sentences

Imprisoned for life

Or just until they learn to confess

and accept who you are

and how you progress.


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