The Matchmaker

Thu, 04/21/2022 - 08:50 -- A_M_o_s

Oh foreigner,

I have lots of fine boys in my area,

and good girls in my corner,

may i bring you together?


The question is not really one,

as her mind is already piecing it,

bit by bit.

Aunty Sewa the marriage broker,

her hugs are sometimes the avenue for those silent whispers.

My friend's son is a very good man, he will take care of you, (erama, fortune teller)

She squeezes you in, eh don't you know you're getting old?

(Aunty, can I greet  my cousins and the husband in peace?)


A verbal assault, she can't lose

stylish or head on, you choose.

Wale Wale, welcome, how are your girlfriends,

those ones i see with you on the weekends?


Holdon, do not answer in a rush,

for to say I have none is to be entrapped.

Olawale, wale, what's up?


Well, saying 'they are all fine' does not make her shush,

for there's a goal to be achieved.

Which of them will be your loving-cup?


Teniola nko, the fine Yoruba American?

Omo daadaa ni o,

with those killer heels on her feet,

she still kneels to greet.


Teni is fine, what about her?

Endowed and fair,

what do you need to hear?

full of spirit with cash to spare.


Dear Aunty Sewa,

Stop the car,

this far, no further.

Don't include me in one of your projects.

I have no plans of becoming a "Father"

This poem is about: 
My country


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