Face Mountains

Thu, 03/17/2016 - 18:01 -- TylerA

I look out of plane view

At a mountain range anew

They are so beautiful

That words are to dull

To describe the pull

That they have on my soul

I guess that is why we usually call them majestic, awe-inspiring creations of God, the universe,

or Mother Earth, or whatever you prefer

The face at first was soft and fertile

Rapid shifts, crash and crumble

the plates of the face collides

I hesitate because I can't believe my eyes

when I see something so majestic in a place that is already so gorgeous to begin with

I'm in awe

But you look in the mirror and think it's aweful

A blemish, an imperfection, a pimple, a zit

On the landscape of your face it is so perfect, like a mountain...

But how do I say it without it sounding like I was flying on a plane over a mountain range and the first thing I thought about was how beautiful & majestic you are

And how we never give the earth acne cream, a facial, or a pill

we instead see thoose "imperfections" as a dream, special, leaving our soul fulfilled

Sometimes thoose earth pimples pop and create some chaos

but all we say "ohhhh"s and "ahhhh"s

The pimple, the zit, and what's inside it

Just an eruption of Mother Nature that naturally makes your face more majestic

People hike earths pimples take pictures and hope they pop

I liken that to majestic mountains that manifest on your face and you hope they stop

I know It seems like I don't care a lot, but your beauty always leaves me speechless

As I observe your beauty through the window seat of my eyes, I hope I never reach my next stop


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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