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SheI wake up in my queen bed that i have all to myselfShe​ wakes up on a twin sized cot with a brother on each sideI trudge to the kitchen already complaining about the assortment of cereals my m
This isn't just a black or white thing, this is a different city every single night thing. Gunshots and fallen officers keep trending online. These are unspeakable acts of violence  it keeps happening, this isn't fine.
You wouldn’t see me solely as a slang bearer that doesn’t know the difference between euphemism and an idiom Don’t think too hard about it
Being a woman To Mr. X, in hopes that one-day he may find solace in a prison cell   I’ve grown to love men’s inconsistencies
Why do we assume the future will be brighter? Or to reach for the stars a little bit higher? When contentment is over looked like the shadows that follows before me, Greed is at a peak and there's no such thing as dignity
They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, but with blurred eyes the windows are foggy I can't see the stray bird fly or be successful in athletic hobbies  
The earth spins at 465 meters per second.
When we come face to face with the end,
Some find me lameand that's a shame.   I may be strangebut I wouldn't change. 
That disgusting dirt brown skin. Covered in monkey hair arms. Might as well eat bananas All day and sniff butts. No one man desires to feel As if they’re bedding with a slave. This skin is skin of my
i am smart kind funny compassionate and if given the chance i would change nothing. not my hair or my body or my situation. they are what make me i am composed of my
"I want to change the world" No, wait, (it is the entire world after all) what if they don't like the change? what if they get jealous? what if they hate me?   What if I hate myself?
scrub your hands you dirty thief every last pocket full of stolen gems a crown of shame to mark the broken wash your mouth you little bitch scream profanities & curses
Have you ever thought about how our world works? The pain some victims go through and the hurt. I want to make sure that no one gets screwed again. I don't know how this rape culture began.  
A couple walks together Holding hands and smiling.  Their love is grand, how can anyone deny it?
If I could change a thing or two about the world we live in, I would make it so hope bloomed in every single soul. If this wish I wished came true,
If I could change one thing In this world of random chances I would change how long sunsets cling So I would have time to take a million glances. I would make the sun set slower
Suffering through the same old same day in and day out.  Nothing ever changes.  Everyday im hoping and im praying for someone to make a change. Then I realize I can make a change. I can make a difference. 
  Have you ever smelt magic On the pages of books?
Free money for one's poverty It takes a little bit of "change" to make a CHANGE in society.
We step forward Out of the dark No longer afraid Of the people who stare We take pride for who we are Hand in hand We take our stand And speed our words Words that will be heard
The trees are dying and the Streets are quickly filling up with Dead bodies. The stench of money is in the Air and the water drips red onto our blackened palms.   I wake up in the morning and choke
I would change nothing Our world is the way it is A higher purpose 
attention, affection, hugs so tight!  He's invincible-  brighter than the stars at night.   a doctor, an astronaut, Singer in a band, books in his mind are a future in his hand  
Do onto others what would be you. To change another would be to change oneself. To change their actions, their minds, their personality, the "being" in which they are. To change one,
Against all odds, I am here. I am a survivor, born of survivors, with fire in my blood. My perseverance is all that I need, for my will to live consumes me. It was not always so.
Such a young age they begin to ask What do you want to be when you grow up? Adults want to see  how their society will be shaped. We're five we want to be our parents and our heros.
How many times have they whispered your name as you walk by They point at you across the hall They giggle as you go into class I know that you notice them when they do But do you listen to them
I live in the urban area of kansas city which most people know it as a place of poverty not realizing that sure we might suffer from hunger but to be more exact we suffer for eduction.
In The beginning it was difficult to go on my own, momma held my hand thru everything, days went by momma got ill and one morning she left me to fly to heaven, no troubles for her ,cause she was at peace, now were does that lead me?
It follows me during the day and then falls asleep.   It is as dark as night,   And mysterious as space.   It makes me laugh, it makes me cry,  
Society is a copy machine Everyone is becoming the same  It will change our world.
You would rather settle for less? Another night on the screen answers yes You couldnt keep from wondering eyes Your mouth was filled with lies What was your thought about me?
When will it be Acceptable to simply be Without society expecting so much of me?   Get good grades Do community service Be in extra curricular activities When will society let me just be me?
All this violence, has its range, that's one thing  that I would change.   A bad night between couples, two many drinks, makes them rethinks their own happy nuptuals.   
  Show the world who you are. It is known, it is said, it is taught.
If its was up to me I would change the world. There is so much crime
Oh what I would give For my little cousins to never grow up If I could change just one thing I would keep them young forever  
Summers filled with
Ask me, "What will you change?" The answer: Their hearts For with its beat is where it all starts- The visual of the world and all it's parts   Question, "What will you show them?"
I dreamt that I was in a room A sort of not- so- distant future-savvy place Where the truth appeared in holograms, and the room asked me From its barely finite store of semi-synthetic intelligence
Three line segments sat in space. Together, they kissed three invisible vertices.
  The blind man sits and sees with his ears Sees with his heart, sees with his fears He watches the children who push and fight
If I had the chance to change one thing To a better world, this change would bring The eradication of ignorance for discrimination would be key Freedom from this cage in which we keep  
“You’re too young”.
There are people who cry out for help Using their weary voices to ask for action But the people walk on by  Stuck in their own distraction How many could be saved? If we threw out inaction
She's in chains. She's behind bars. She's alone. But she's innocent until proven guilty?   He trespassed. He raped. He murdered.
UnbearableThis wall that so cleverly divides us all.This shameful state, acting as though we are asleepBut you know we are awake.
What do you see when a woman walks by? Do you see the clothes on her body, or do you see the life in her eyes?   She walked in the library one day, eyes full of determination and drive. 
Muffled cries when he trespasses her innocence Until he is found, she crouches in fear Tonight, she will relive the nightmare
It rains every day in London And even the Hollywood stardom swim Swim transatlantic the teary, salty body of water Where coraled bruises decorate their body From all the waves that have crashed down on them
Do we forget, simply who we are? When the stage is empty, the spotlight soothes, the audience cheers, and the limits don't exist.   We all wonder, what goes on in the head
I’m a mouse Always have been It doesn’t take much for me to hide in my little home Where I am safe from the daggering eyes Or judgmental looks of others But sometimes I get fed up
If I could change anything I think it would be my eyes, I don’t like how dark they are, I want them as blue as the sky. Or maybe I would change my thighs, They rub together and jiggle when I jive.
I heard a story one day, to my surprise I had nothing to say, It was something about this girls name, The sound? The origin? It soon all became a game ,  
I'm so cold. The man on the news said that the number of murders nationwide have risen 20%. I can't find my mittens.
“they” tell us (me and you), stick and stones will break our bones…words will never hurt you.
He stood at the crossroads, looking in all directions. So many options open to him   Five roads is more than enough   He must find the one he is searching for. The clouds begin to come
I want to change my reflection.   The curve of my nose
A thought
The kid dreams of being an artist. No that's to unpredictable. It falls.  
Anxiety is what I'd change But it looks so out of range.   Waiting for the day
Hey beautiful! Wait……What does that even mean? Beautiful? It means something that is gorgeous, stunning, jaw dropping. No those are synonyms, thesaurus definitions. Tell me what actual beauty is.
iam  not bigand iam slow to speechi spend my nights aloneforging plans for better daysbecause i am a wallflower.wallflowers are unassumingagents of change.
Hemoglobin is redAnd your gown is blueI wish you could get off the bedwithout pain striking youI know that youre a warriorand you will fight until the endbut if I had one wish
Mi Cuba An island paradise Crystal clear waters Bright beaches Swinging palm trees Nature from all over   Mi Cuba A communistic island Equality for everyone
A family, homeless, starving, Lives torn from them, Barely making ends meet futures stolen by the violence   A war raged here, a massacre there but in our sheltered lives
I spent my whole life till now drawing and dreaming
  The clock ticks and ticks But her thoughts are fixed In the nightmare of her mind. As she sits on the bed Traumatized; fingers shaking, a busted lip and a bruise on her head.  
Inspired by Billy Collins   It would be a lie to say I don’t have a habit of writing About every tragedy That is headlined on the evening news, A lie to say
If i had one change to change the world what I wouldn't give to have that chance  I would end world hunger in that way saving more lives 
  I would change the view of a minority, A minority currently is, Anyone who has squinted eyes, Or is darker than the average spray tan, but naturally.   Minorities are gifted,
If I had the power, Well first I’d need an extra hour. If I had the power, Perhaps the world would be less sour.   If I look at their faces, I feel pity but, time races.
Please just close the shutters, lock the door and throw away the (key), please just leave off the lights, let me blanket myself in the dead of night. (I) can't seem to stand the light of the day, 
Mother, Now please do tell me, my tongue was meant for words, was it not? Remember when you said, "Do not lie or say dirty words, or I shall wash your tongue with soap" I was young then.
Only you can make things as hard as they may seem You have questions.... wondering what you can do  Pondering on many thoughts that you think only you think
Yeah, you could've fooled me with that one  You don't know my cries, My pain and my oppression I want to be intelectual but they tell im incapable because I'm a woman
They say CHANGE is good Perhaps even necesary But every experience i've ever encountered with CHANGE has been negative How do you accept something that you've never wanted?
I am fragile And I have worn down my bones to the quick Where my words have become quiet whispers and my yelling is deaf Where I have no reign and my tears have not stopped
White blackboards compete with Digital reincarnations of Dinosaur projectors, massive Light-producing species of the past.  
I would change the availability of music concerts because music inspires us to become more than what we are and at times better.
I play, I laugh, and I cry. But mainly I cry, a lot.
Love, love  what is love?  Ill tell you,  love is not a game  and will never be forever.  Love isn't always the same  and will be nothing but a big game 
Flashes of fun as they hang here The cold, rusty bars never seemed so near As the soft, soothing breeze sways the chains Now withered and rusted from the passing rains  
Murders Taking a life brings so much pain and hurt Discrimination  God made us all different colors and sizes to make us unique, not to make one more superior over the other  Cheating in a relationship
People say that eyes are windows to the soul. If that’s true I wonder what people see when they look into mine My hopes? My dreams? My past? My present? Every pitter patter Every yes, no, maybe-so
"To change the world is to change your heart" The paradigm shifts, the brand new starts From year to year and end to end The "change that lasts" is a change that bends To patterns, forms, molds, and parts
If I could change one thing, I would change our selfishness.  
Your air is my air. Many people smoke everywhere as if they don't care,
Sew a quesiton mark to your deams imagine where you shall be. Maybe you are a tree staying, waiting, without motion in one place for a lifetime seeing changes around you
Lemme change one Just one little thing About this big bad world we're living in   I'd change  - well nothing   Yeah, you heard me
There is too much hurt in the world. Hunger. Illness. Poverty. War. I wish that I could change it all.  I wish I had the power, To give food to all the hungry,
Shadows keep us Stuck to the ground What would it be like, To finally fly?   Shadows: Fears kept together in such a way To create nightmares, Such worries keep people on the ground.
The life that I lead Creeps on a crutch: The tight but tender Hand of Mom's Love   Protecting me endlessly Here in her nest The Hand handles my head Since Mother knows best  
The arms and legs, It doesn’t feel bad for its’ own actions. The hands and feet,
When you pass down the streets in Chicago, Cleveland, and Atlantic City, you see it in their eyes. They’re not yet sixteen, acting eighteen, Driving their moms up a wall when they don’t come home for supper.
Take a sip The cool kids say. And you do, because it's your life, you chose it this way. So you guzzle it down to your parents' dismay. Cuz you're "sick,"  and you live in today.  
Beauty is only one thing in today's world
If I could change one thing... I'd change the world. I'd change the country. I'd change the state. I'd change the city. I'd change the school. I'd change myself. Would I change?
I’m bad I’m slutty I’m crazy I’m intriguing   I am But so are you   You’re intriguing You’re crazy
  I Gaze at the coal black letters
That little triangle, seemingly innocuous Delta, the Greek letter Symbol of change, symbol of difference Should represent our generation, our world.   Everything changes without stop
What would the world be like If everyone had a mommy and daddy. If everyone grew up in a loving, stable home, Never hungry or naked, Rarely too hot or too cold, Always loved.
Pit pat, pit pat, pit pat down the hall he goes I have already tripled the distance he has gone I slow my steps so he can catch up, trying to hold my impatience
What is change but the movement of body and soul the inspiration for new for scary for what is beyond the now A desire to be something different something better
How many second chances are we given on a day to day basis? Second chances are good, but not when the first chance was lazily wasted. Chances give us opportunites to improve...but at what bitter cost?
If I had the power, All the power in the world I’d change the fact that it is so hard For me to get an education. Between the teachers that have given up on me, And the students around me
Change people's actions For others to help one another  Instead of staying in fractions
I would change our priorities, We can not see past the word "Me", In a generation of yolos and F**** its , We've lost our witt and theres no doubt about it, we try to be someone unknown, disgregarding how we have grown, The lectures the lessons t
How DARE I show skin How DARE I speak up How DARE I be curvy Or skinny Or tall Or short Or bulky How DARE I be me. I am a woman That does not lessen me I speak up
There are things which words cannot express things we feel emotions in distress   Swirling inside us forever trapped never to escape and interact   There are some who see
I may not be a god,
*/ /*-->*/ Change one thing, One thing only.
Change is inevitable, Without change, we as humans have no purpose, Change keeps people going towards the future, if people were the stay the same, never changing,
If I could change Just one thing My thing Would be SOCIETY They're changing our thoughts With tempting items To change ourselves If I could change Society I would make it be
Money is power Money is everything
If I could change one thing it would be my procrastination I'd say it must be ranked no.1 in the nation I applied my css late, cost me 20k off my tuition I wish i had some intuition
To change one thing and that is all I want. Life for everyone will be so much better. The living nightmare of hunger to no longer haunt. I am willing to write a letter.    
Shining faces, skinny bodies, never any frown,   No arms or legs to hold itself down;   Floating by, far away, filled up   To bring our home a poisoned cup.
Let's take a look Look up Up away from that iridescent screen   Let the grey surroundings turn green like the trees And yellow daffodils  Pink pansies The blue ocean Can you see it?
We all go around in our own little way, and ignore those who need just alittle help Its sad when we speak and only vowels are sound  We need to help the homeless, the broken and the starving
Hate disappears Prejudice disappears A world wear racism vanishes and love appears A world wear judgment vanishes and acceptance appears Prejudice disappears Hate disappears
It’s something that runs deep Connects our commonalities Deeper than you, and me Centered awareness in everything   I am greater than no one For I am with everyone You walk around confident
I'm told to pick something to change. What possibly could it be? Would I choose more peace? Mean judgments to cease? I simply cannot see.   Some say that appearance matters.
I  want to be that Somebody you hear people talking about People trying to go against the Constitution Somebody should do something about that Individuals being discriminated everyday
  Take out negative attitude Now accept you have latitude Living in the free land Our choice is where we stand We need to show our gratitude
Something has got to give.   Day after day after day and I don’t even know anymore.   Something has got to give.   They say that change starts with a whisper,
  Change is a funny word seems impossible and yet somehow possible   now the Earth is crying as animals become extinct water levels rise air becomes warmer  
I lay still Still I lay While they look down at me   I am dressed in satin. With my hair just so And a rose within my grasp   Their eyes do cry They cry from their eyes
With so much wrong in this worldI cannot decide who is to blameI know not who causes povertyNor all the criminals could I name I would like to change so many things
Darkness envelops the sky as day turns to night,
Another step you try to take another hopeless dreary fate anoter road of broken hope of wasted dollars and wasted dreams.   You try your best in school for years
If changing one thing was possible,  Then I would change something about me.  I may sound selfish, But that's the way it would be.  I don't like living this way, 
If I could change any one thing in the world, I feel as though if i did, the world would become dulled. Not as interesting per say, possibly not as fun, taking away a sunburn while sitting in the sun.
I wonder all the time Why they talk and whisper;  Why they can not seem to understand that we are all different.   No one body is the same No one mind thinking the same thought.
When I was young Momma told me to study hard I come from a world where many don’t go to school The way they act, The way they think, And the way they treat things Are careless. I never knew so.
Many things to change the first is in my mirror step one: act queerer
 He is a pawn. The boy with the sharp silver glasses who is too afraid to speak up in class.
I would start from the beginning I would end the beginning of sinning Eve would not have listened to the snake Man would not be punished for her mistake
What is genuine?Is it a smile or a handshake orthe way you say hello? Or attentiveeyes that seem happy to meet yousimply because you’re you? Maybeit’s the way laughter fills your lungs
Everyone is prayin', looking to the heavens. Looking for a change to save them. Me? I don't wish for things--I make them happen. If I had the power, I'd make them see See the potential within us all
If I had the power to make a change, a big difference It would be simple, a feeling, to travel a long distance Around the world, from sea to sea Spreading the feeling of sunshine and glee
I can't just sit around and wacth these little kids destroy their lives, Skipping class, starting trouble, doing everything except stimulating their minds, At my age, what I know now, wish I could just press rewind,
We are defined Not by the hearts that beat within us
  A million fiery feet are a spring storm, Tiny black school shoes scuffed up by the street  
"What would you change?"
this nostalgia is patronizing, when the flowers that once bloomed, with you, bloom over and over without you, free and growing, they can't remember, they can't forget,
change your view on life, Life is such a precious thing, for everyone and every being, no matter the cards we are dealt, we are able to strap on our seat belt, and take life by the wheel and roll down the road of most resistance, to a better life
It's an accident--It's less than meant.Hereditary.Sad and scary.We watch and wait...Help is always too late.They'd kill to feel
Sweat trickles down your cheek, your a mess and you feel beat, to progress this a necessary stress, this stress known as a test. What if one day I have a clouded mind and all my knowledge is confined,
It starts small, and unknown. It spreads fast, and now shows. A person stripped of all their glory. Whether new or venerable, A soul's a soul and will be taken.   Overcome by the painful invasion
I would change the way people think of Feminism I want people not to think I hate men, I want Women get paid the same as Men.   I would change the way people see bisexuality.
Green greed rests of the top of Placid pastures of cut fantasy. Ambition to change are Childish dreams sent to lay Below, never to be seen. A child sits on top of the glass, Peering through the faces,
What would you change? What would you change? The question is  If you could do you think you would? I think I would .. So many things, So many things That I could change, THAT I COULD CHANGE
To a Beautiful World;  
I would change the way we view ourselves From race to skin tone From the pitches of our voices to Melody of our words  From the beat on which we pronounce our syllables to the pitter patter of our feet
When I am with her the world misses a few revolutions. It's cliche and overplayed, but my heart flutters and the butterflies in my stomach pound... ...maybe i screwed that one up again.  
I Dream of changing changing into a semi like Optimus Prime   I Dream of changing Overturn the status quo Make the world better   My Dream is absurd Impossible, yet I Dream
Institutional power struggles, the rights of people infringed upon. Light fades to darkness, as discrimination engulfs this world.
MONEY. POWER. GREED. Society’s skewed perception of success needs to change. Compassion Love Learning Forgiveness Happiness Sharing. Success isn’t measured in salary
College Expensive College Unattainable College
What Would You Change   The world is an oyster with pearls all around, But there’s a catastrophe within A catastrophe of sounds.   If I could change the melody of how the wind blows,
Changing would be fun, When all is said and done. Yet some would find it rough, For changing is tough. Being nice for a start, Or trying to create art. Listening to others,
If I could change one thing, I’m not sure I would. I wouldn’t change any bad thing, Even though I could.   You see, goods are grand, And bads are bland, But what would smiles be without frowns?
  We all cry, laugh, and love We all are born with nothing, and we all leave this world with nothing. If I were to change something in this sphere of chaos It would simply be social classes.
The pursuit of truth   When I ask my mom, were you crying? She lies I ask dad if he drank all the money He lies When I ask my friend, did he hurt you? She lies
Thank You Brandon Flowers   Some people say You’ve gotta play it tough Others will tell you The money’s enough The moves have to be right
Lazy man, with a higher inclination Possession of intelligence yet the alcohol seems more relevant Playing the victim yet he is only victim of self-pity Un-evil benevolent self-being yet a product of self-loathing
Take it all away and what do you have? Honesty? Openness? Vulnerability? The makeup is a mask you hide behind It dilutes your beauty; it doesn’t enhance it Don’t you see? You are so much than makeup
Foreign, uncomfortable, awkward, inspiring, hopeful, curious. This is change.   Climbing the mounain of life, opening the doors of opportunity. This is change.  
I want to change The mindset of others Or at least open their minds to many possibilities With my secret The Law of Attraction Haven’t you heard this before? I'll tell the universe my direction
A change in one’s self can be equivalent to a change in the world One can overpower any. Change my fitness, I will. Who cares if you change your fitness! Well you see, changing my fitness will result
If I could change the world, Where would I start? Would I first take the sword, That tears nations apart? If I could change the planet, Where would I begin? Would I help the unfortunate,
Everybody deserves a chanceAmerica the home of the free, THEY SAY NO discrimination, THEY SAY
Monday morning, six o'clock. Dreary eyed and delirious you step into the shower, go to school. Thirteen years of this, now pay us. $30,000? Forty? Sixty? Why not make it higher.
Why are we never fully content with ourselves? Because we are selfish. Change for the good or change for the bad?
One thing,  I could change,  I could be selfless and say poverty.  The boy on the corner who looks hungry,  Offer him a meal and feed his soul. I could be cliche and say sadnesses toll. 
Resting in puddles; puddles of blood, The pain is unbearable The feeling unique in its own way   Why don’t guys ever feel like this? We all have noses, arms, legs, fingers and toes.
I look all around and I feel their sorrow.  Young teenage girls worrying how they will look tomorrow.  This isn't important each of us is beautiful.  The media and even people tell them all these lies:  ugly,
What would you change, if you could change anything? The fancy cars and diamond rings, the money and expensinve things. The lack of respect we have for ourselves, the way we only fcare for whats on the shelves.
If I had the power to change I'd make sure that no one ever walked around without smiles A frown would be rather strange And people would smile for miles upon miles   If I had the power to morph
If I alone could change the world I'd beat the cliche Not just world peace Let's get specific Water for the african children A cure for cancer No more pain No more suffering
If it were up to me, college would be free. If I could change on thing, people wouldn't have to pay. If education truly matters, why are we forced to spend so much money,
The world is a warzone, and the battle is to be the best. Women stand in battle array, weapons nowhere around. The opposing side stands tall and firm, they spit upon the women.
I could write on how I would change the world, the races, or the interactions between every human being. But to many readers, this would be unreal. I could write on how I would like to change my future, my style, my face.
Wishes are fragile As is the course of fate itself So I would like to wish For only the smallest of wishes I would change today’s society
What is life? In the grand scheme of things To love  To live  To feel My heart aches to think that as we live and breathe on this earth We don’t reciprocate our feelings
            I woke up this morning to the wind gnawing through my old windows. I woke up next to my little dog, and the sun slipping through my blinds like love letters pushed under a door.  I woke up at one in the afternoon.
Familiar faces. Nameless places. Confusion. Waking up from the worst dreams and waiting for the best. I've seen deterioration. I've seen procrastination. Putting off the necessary for what is contrary to belief.
Cause she didn't look, talk or act a certain way, she didn't fit in
Today it’s so hard to be different at all. Today it’s so tough to be just yourself. Today acceptance just doesn’t exist. Today our lives are not our own.
  she walks alone in the crosswalk
Animal curelty is everywhere It's become a part of everyday life and no one seems to care. It's in our everyday products, our medicine, our food And yet our attitudes towards this subject have become horribly eschewed.
If I could change one thing? The World. Every boy. Every girl would have       clothes                food       love and shoes they'd have the right to be free      happy
What has become of us? When did we stop being the 'land of the free?' When did we stop being 'the melding pot of all nations?' Were we ever?
What would I change? I would change the way people think. I would END prejudice, and DELETE mockery I would make people see the positives first Because negativity killed the cat really
If I could change only one thing in this world right now, I would change the way I write. I would change the way I express myself for the better. Each letter of every word I say
Failing to prepare is like preparing to fail That is what athletes probably have been told ever since they stepped foot in their sport What happens when it becomes more than a sport? Then all of a sudden you come up short?
A woman and her children site aside the street
Whether your straight, or gay Whether your a male or a female Whether you black, white, brown, yellow, or any other color
Here Comes the Sun BAM! Here comes the sun So bright and luminous It shines in the eyes of children all around the world, playing on the playground as their world is in chaos.
Strut, Click, Pose, Smile. She’s dreamed of having a model lifestyle. Not fitting the profile of being skinny and tall, She’s not what some designers are looking for at all.   Rejection, rejection
In 8000 B.C., Agriculture was a thing brand new, Since then our numbers, they grew. For more than 8000 years, with a growth rate under 0.05 percent[1],
That disparaging look cast upon the poor vagrant The leaves swept off the sidewalk and the puddles avoided Notions of happiness with their wings clipped to maintain this stale standard of conformity
That disparaging look cast upon the poor vagrant The leaves swept off the sidewalk and the puddles avoided Notions of happiness with their wings clipped to maintain this stale standard of conformity
That disparaging look cast upon the poor vagrant The leaves swept off the sidewalk and the puddles avoided Notions of happiness with their wings clipped to maintain this stale standard of conformity
Remember that boy In second grade Who drew all over his papers And hid a sketchbook in his desk? He could have been in museums But now he works 9-5 At the gas station on the corner
What would you say if the enemy was in every home she lurks in every corner, in every magazine she lives on screens and on every billboard  What would you say if this enemy Miss. Perfect  was in your head
UGLY! FAT! STUPID! WEIRD! HATE! Are words that cause people to end their fate, Many lives are lost because they are tormented, They feel as if they are segment.
We walk around with fear in our hearts Waiting, wishing to be different But the change that needs to the happen Is not YOU, it's society
Well most would say hate,
Fear must be the way of life. To trust no one, to put up a fight. Never believe the grins upon their faces.
  I remember the exact moment When we met. I opened the door And she jumped in my lap, Loving me already.   It never ceases to amaze me How readily they love,
I live in a world where the youth would rather stare at a screen, Over watching the sun set.
What do you see when you see the world?  What about yourself?  If you could change anything, Big or small,  About you,  About the world,  What would it be? 
If I could change the world, the value of a person wouldn't be measured by monetary value, but with the amount of radiating burning love that sped through their veins with desire. 
The world is grand. Walking hand in hand with mom and dad, My sunglasses frame this clean, copacetic polaroid. One day I grew up. I took off my shades and wandered on my own.
I wish to be a hero of the world,
if i could change one thing it'd be the pain of our youth the words we have learned have caused wounds and left scars the world that we know is falling apart our parents don't know how we use the words they taught us and if they did
I always wondered how my legs never got tiredWith all the constant running From meFrom lifeFrom everything that ever stared me in the face
The 99% The 1% White privilege Cis privilege Patriarchy First world We all Know What they mean. Not all Know What they are.   Society is Sick
Peace is what i want Anger, hate, envy, animosity Is all i see
The world is full with beauty. With its landscape, With its people.  But there are many things hidden. Unspeakable,
It started off one big happy family Two brothers and then me A great big house, big front yard with an oak tree But of course what happens when you start to worry about money?  
Is it greed that drives us, Or is it fear? The hunger for more materials, Or a need to fill a hole inside? The fear of embarassment, Or the fear of lonliness? What destructive force
We are harsh. Not just cruel, but Honest.
If I could change one thing, Anything about the world,
Oh, let me change the passing time,
I watchAs again and again
The world is a super-fleeting-rundown place You look around and think, Just for a moment what have I got here. Trash-upon-pollution with nothing in-between Its suffocating me
If I could change any one thing, what would I change? Maybe something bad, or something unorthodox and strange. Maybe an issue, something that really needs a hand,
With each stroke of the paintbrush, my heart flutters. My lungs fill with happiness, i feel my heart in my throat. Anxiety slowly creeps away, depression is no more. I want everyone to feel this happiness. 
The halls are pretty lonely when you walk them alone.  Every day, passing the same lockers, same people, same smile on your face.
We've been through ups and downs through laughter and some tears, you've seen how my heart and brain have been when filled with fear.
They smile and waveI walk by and shy.They all look pretty,I feel ugly.They smile and laugh,i try to tag along too.I will try my best to smileand laugh
hair is but a changing thing. brown, black, red, blue. eyes are but a changing thing. gray, green, hazel too. style is but a changing thing. athletic, gothic, sneakers, high heels. thoughts are but a changing thing.
  Change. The air, The water, The environment, Corruption = destruction.   Change. A new view, A new nature, A true nature, Apreciated by few.  
I would changeThe way I look at the world,The way they look at my skinThe way I look at myselfWho I am afraid to be, and who I see in the mirror
Look in the mirror and see  you are nothing you want to be. Sad face, permanant frown. The only way to go is down.   What if one day, that all changed?   Confidence is key
A spontaneous enigma rooted in doubt and despair.  Attacking the inside and destroying the outside.  Capturing hundreds of viable victims everyday.  Poisoning its host as a parasite would-
Our parents tell us that the only thing we need to be is ourselves,
  Femininity, subservience, inferiority,
You've heard it before; in fact we all have Ever since grade school, or even earlier. That question that bears so much meaning, yet at the same time, none at all: What do you want to be when you grow up?  
If I had to choose only one thing to change, I would give compassion to those who lack. Too much hate in a world so cold And no one giving shirts off of their own back.   If I had countless amounts of money,
If I had the power to change any one thing I’d change mans right to choose if I could  I’d eliminate mans choice to do an evil thing So that the only thing he could do was good
Me, myself, and I How I hate to see my need to be loved That desire to be cared for I wish was never there   How I hate to see my need to be loved That feeling of needing anothers comfort
One of the things I would like to change: The right to love and marry whomever even if he/she is gay.
If I could, I'd oil my ancient fingers And watch the rusty gears begin to turn. Praying that your blue-eyed gaze still lingers, I would cause the heart of the earth to churn.  
To change is to r                           e                             a                      r              r                  a                         n                  g      e
Gas prices are high never are they low  Yet we continue to drive as our anger starts to grow. We can't stay still, yes we're steady on the go. They say what's the deal our government must go.
A power to change any one thing  
I loved her so until the end but even my love could not mend of the evil that lived inside of her and continued to hide We had to make our schedules bend
Just because you don't approve of their life   Doesn't mean it's not theirs   Just because you won't accept them  
Stop looking at at the cameras Stop looking at the lights Put a little faith in your education Let your passions ignite. Don't waste away such a beautiful life paying attention to those
  The way we are living now is prone to always change. A world searching for tomorrow, yet today never remains. When the next big thing hits, and no thought enters brains
Think for a moment if we didn't consume; If we didn't eat,  If we didn't drink-   More time on the clock for personal use,  More accomplished feats, More seconds to think-  
The past holds events in its grasp, freezing that point in time, turning it into a memory Memories can be cherished, forgotten, change by point of view, And contain the values that are lost with time,
The world in shambles Not everyone can see, but those who do suffer most Sadness, sickness, Hunger Children suffering, without a chance to live Children that could change the world Stuck, Missing, Poor
Trudging down the dark hallway People snicker and laugh With each step my fear grows I cannot do anything I cannot say anything They are crowding around me I am a joke to them, a spectacle
If I could change the world,I'd choose to change attitudes.I'd be sure every person knows they are wanted,I'd tell the world there is a purpose and meaning.If I could change the world,
  Around my neighborhood Around my street From the city in which i live in to the shoes on my feet Poverty is at an all-time high People are stuggling to get by The thing that i would change
You have to grab it in full force  before they blow it away. They'll hold you back tear you down say you've done nothing. You're useless you're no good you can't listen to anyone.
I don’t li
We can never be good enough for society So long as we’re not perfect. Because perfection is beauty – Or so the world claims.   But what the world fails to see is the beauty of imperfection.
With God’s pen in my hand, just
Skinny is a six letter word that haunts me at night. Skinny is perfection, at least that's what I've learned. It's skin and bones; no skin to pinch. Fat is a three letter word that I see in the mirror.
If I could change the night sky, You would see all the stars, If I could change the wind, It would blow you in the right directon, If I could always make you smile, My life would be perfect,
What would I change, if I could change me? My posture, complexion, or personality? Would I thicken my hair or polish my skin? Or maybe request an identical twin?
If I could change anything, Anything in the world,
Dear America why have thou forsaken me? The so called land of the brave and home of the free. Why aren't thou brave enough for me? My name's Alfred Wright. I was a black man. My conscious is actually writing this for me.
The people,  creative and fair,  advancing into future despair! But why, pray- Bend your neck, and you may see day- but shrouded over, dark in the corner of the blackening world, 
What would I change? I would change the violence. I would change the arguments over land and power The small fights on the playground I would change the divisions man has created  Why?
If I could change anything It would be the doubt that flows too easily In the minds around this world I would plant the seeds Of knowledge and faith, That this world means something more
No coughing, choking Deep breaths with clear throats and lungs.  Breathing in fresh air  
"The world is a beautiful place," my father says, "We should learn to love it." I almost want to laugh but I don't; I hold back. I try, really, I do, but my eyes flash and I mutter,
What I would change, well I would change a lot. I would rewind time, and fix my mother’s heartbreak. Because watching her suffer has only caused more,  more suffering.
So many people speakin of things they know nothing about. Assumptions turn into rumors,
I often wish I could make the world a better placeYet, how can I do that?What would I change about this world?I would give every person on this planet one thingEmpathy.
I urge you to open the window. And let in the cool, fresh air: damp and earthy. Fill your nostrils. Let it raise bumps on your forearms and bring clarity to your thoughts.  
I hear their cries in my ever warping dreams
People cloud the streets, rain hits.  Work litters our minds, garbage fills.  Too much.    Words buzz around-- flies near our heads. Meaningless noise, meaningless people. We don't care.   
Challenging myself to Have a better connection with the world And making myself known while Never becoming someone I’m not Going to be proud of in the
WordsThat's what I would changeNot what they are or how they soundBy my wordsChange themAdd themGain themRight now I can only feel in one wordOperaThe music is language
I'd make sure I had been heard. I'd spit those words out so fast. That they would have to stop and listen to me. Because words are heard better. When they aren't stumbling over each other.
The Voice of his Generation
Love me lately like clenched bed sheets and rushed phones calls at 4 o'clock in the morning. But it was too late. For I knew, that our love was shattered, the severance.
Let's face it. Grabbing the bull by the horns, saying it as it is, Transparent. There is something wrong with the education system in America.  
Four letters, one syllable; the biggest word you will ever say.  Love is huge. 
We should know Because if we knew, we would change We should know how livestock animals are treated Because if we knew, we would push for more humane actions to be taken
This poem is about changing how we accept people and how we need to motivate our peers to strive for their goals.      http://youtu.be/a5x9OUtGZP4
A man sees another man. The man endears the other man. The men love one another. *turns page* The men are an abomination.   The father beats the child. The father starves the child.
Waking up Filled with anger Blaming the world Why - Do I Do this to myself It's just me and no one else The games I play The things I say
I would change the world and how its eyes are blind so they can see the ones who dress in suits and in uniforms have the largest criminal minds
Get a job! my parents say- We all know money is the only way You have to have it in order to live Day after day nothing left to give Going to college for the job you desire Hoping to get that one big hire
I would change how the world views change, The constant push, drive, detirmination. The next step is always hiding the one you are on, Its menacing shadow a sickening grey.
Change is the very meaning of our life As humans we are the definition of change We are also everchanging to meet our needs Within change more change is needed Our greed makes our charge so much 
If I could change I could change the world, if I could change My mind has been a maze the past few days and despite, her love for me has been the same. The world has grown, yet lost the fun we knew.
    I would change the way people think But since that is no the case I would not change a thing Our world was perfect
"Change" is such a funny word, always begging for attention. With its sloppy "chhh" slurred, constantly eluding comprehension.   "Change" really is a funny word. Don't you think I'm right?
I would change nothing, For the world is not a bad place.
If I could change one thing It would be so that the world could stop hating. It would be so that the color of my skin, The religion that I practice, The people whom I choose to love,
My hands are covered in steel dust as I look at the perfectly coped chassis tubes. Success. After hours of determined grinding I finally craft my vision. I turn around and his eyes flicker up from my ass to my smile.
To be held, to be kissed, to feel wanted It must be a curse to want to be liked by others To be hit, to be bruised, to be cold hearted Aren't we supposed to treat one another as brothers
Which is worse a gun or a thought?
How long will we follow the pattern That money equals intelligence?  That if you're pretty or wealthy,  you are bound for excellence? That educated parents are the gates to success?   When in fact,
Place me in a world of peace and I will know bliss. Throw a grenade of love into the city and they, too, will know this. Take out your tazer and shock me with kindness.
You’re telling me that a woman is only beautiful when she’s naked
A great speaker,
  I have been given the power to change.  To change anything I want. The word itself summons up clever ideas, yet it is simply harder to choose only one thing to change.
When I'm told I could change anything The dark, blank slate of my mind lights up with a million stars I realize I could have money, fame, power
Life is intertwined, like an intricate web, one event leads to another forming our existence. Without that night you might not have been conceived Without that drunken father you would still be naïve
As I walk across the street, all I see is anger and fear. Men yelling with every meet,
If I could change the world I would But, I am so small so invisible   But don’t you see there is change everyday lead by normal people who once thought too I am so small
I’m aware we’ve been trained to believe that the anorexic frame Is the most desirable frame of the female form, Curves are out and thin is in,
That day full of dread His broekn body bled That blood reclaiming the Earth Not the blood of selfish men but of sacrifice A new nation full of life   Death will no longer reign
We live in a world where the American dream is a thing that is yearned, Where liberty is free and opportunity awaits around every turn. We live in a world where we are given every right to speak what is our hearts,
If I could choose to change
What would I change? I wouldn't change the way her eyes light up when she talks about something For which she has a passion I wouldn't change the way she throws her head back when she laughs 
It was the way you braided you
Why are we being poisoned on a regular basis in America? Other countries have begun to ban these things. The ingredients put in our food is becoming a real dilemma… The people suffer and food producers live like kings.
Still nowhere to go Optimism running thin   Bermuda triangle Lost in the sea  Limbo   I'm tired of all these pressures I'm tired of being tired i'm tired of being me  
We look in the mirror and see a thing, We are so set on what this thing should be, The hardest realization that goes through our mind or occupies our time, Is the reality of our human being,
Change the perspective Change what's right and wrong written or spoken Change what's yours or mine – ours  
I had a dream that someday I’d winWriting and writingagain and again                              I had a dream that this was the oneCould it be I’ve finally wonOnly to loseoh yesagain
If I could change one thing I would change the way you look at me. Those eyes that forever judge with intentions of racial scrutiny.
For the thought of any Person to impress themselves upon Another by force to be Incomprehensible. 
If there was one thing I could change, I would not change myself. I'd reach completely out of range,  & let things fall itself.   I would not feed the hungry homeless, but rather feed their hearts.
I Aim For A Better World By: Kary Dujuan Goff Jr.   I am green and gold, and sometimes grey.  
If I could change but one thing in this world of ours It would be the definition of normal Or rather the existence of that vague yet constricting concept So simple yet so broad yet so double-edged this rigid definition is
Change the young boys’ empty gaze, No longer able to smile;
How often do we wish for something so simple, a sign that people care,  that there is kindness in everyone's hearts, yet we forget to smile at strangers. I try to remember that when I see others,
36,24,26 i
Everyone wants to be different But we still remain the same.    Claiming things we will never do; This is what I would change.    If we actually contributed, If we actually helped,  
Her shadow was so bright that I could not see. I hoped for a new change of time, or woman to see. My wish was bare and I gained nothing more,
Cold hands invade the innocence of cold souls   Cold souls afraid to save themselves of cold nights and cold eyes baring upon them  
Thin Thick Fat Small Large As I read these words normality comes to mind Our society has brainwashed our minds to think that skinny and thin are the new perfect
These days,  sleep is not rejuvinating. It is merely a break. Our schedules have become god. Living under its laws, commands, edicts. A calendar has become a checklist
I live in a society in which the people – they don’t care. They tut and they tsk at third-world problems “Rape is bad”, they recite, “and dirty water is horrible
Looking down at the scale, A little girl’s legs tremble in fear. In shock she turns pale, Hoping she could disappear. “I must starve! I must starve! No one will love me, If I do not barf.”
From nine to five, nobody is home
Who am I to say what matters and what doesn't?Am I not someone?I've always been toldthat I am too young or too oldto think or to know,and I've got nothing to show.When will this change?
Please do not doubt a word I say to you, My thoughts and my words are sincere and true. And to you my darling, I must confess, My happy love has been put to the test.
Change We face it everyday Everywhere; Next to us, Next to me. It seems relentless, Unforgiving at times, But we have the power To change all that.  
The Image of Beauty  What is beauty? Is it shaped, colored, living, a symbol, an image?
I haven't always been the same way, she was once 9 years old.
In a world where money is fixated and everything is dictatedOn who you know and how you dressThis everyday world is turning into a mess
As I looked into his eyes memories flooded into my head.
It is a brand new year The possibility that it is wasted is my greatest fear Change is neccesary for me to grow as a person But what do I change? That is what I must determine  
When I turn on the nightly news,I don't watch the weather forecast anymore.
There's something so beautiful About the way bright lipstick Clings To a faded cigarette. She must have been so poised, Lips pouted perfectly, With that slender smoke
So They Say Why be so greedy? Why let that destroy you, destroy us  This world revolves around money Absurd how people are rich while others suffer from poverty.
Everywhere people seeing with sightless eyes. Feeling with closed hearts. Distancing themselves from another's reality. Over looking the fallen, the helpless, the beaten down and the broken.
Miles of walking The privileged get in steps
In the mirror, I look up and stare at my reflection, Oh, man, I saw this coming. What a recollection. My makeup all smudged, all damp and out of line, Huh, it matched the line I tried to draw when you were mine.  
  We Are The Same   We were made the same  The big, round world is everyone’s fair game. We all have thoughts, desires, and wishes.
When you're born in an encouraging household The world is seen through different eyes You don't have to struggle for love or validation Sure your family is not "perfect" But they raised you to believe in yourself
When will I be able to wear shorts to school Without being harassed, touched, and stared at?   When will I be able to walk at night Across the street, across town Without being scared of every shadow?
What would I change if anything?How about the price of education.This country is built on freedom.But how free are we really if the shackles of student debt are locked tight for years?
If I Could Change One Thing By: Kelsey Wilson   If I could change one thing, Of all the things to do –
If I Could Change One Thing By: Kelsey Wilson   If I could change one thing, Of all the things to do –
What would I give today To change the world To see and hear the call of the wild And how she cries out in pain   The answer it seems Is that mankind has gone astray
I want to change the way boys look at me. I want them to stop seeing my body as the tenement of their eyes. I want to stop feeling dissected by a glance up and down-- just checking out what I have to offer. 
Star-spangled eyes,  Firework filled skies, I grew up with the government And all of it's lies.   I grew up with family, Leaving for war, What is there to learn from war?
  It was a gloomy Wednesday Air was thick and gray clouds covered the sky like a blanket Keeping to my own business is what I do best These two shadowy figures approached me again in the long, narrow hallway
Stuck in circles, Of seemingly nonstop repetitions. The world repeats its errors: War, deceit, and more war.   A future has set sail, And approaches on the horizon. Peace and harmony
I Promise You, If you give me the chance If you let me change one thing I will restore a never present balance. I Promise You, If you let me change the pace If you let me change one thing
Watching watching watching Longing to do the same Waiting waiting waiting How long before our turn? Will we see it before the ashes and urn? How long before the gap will close?
Stabbing. Hacking. Torn apart, And feed to the beasts That surround me.   In my mind I fall Pushed over the edge Not by weapons But words.   6 13
A touch, a violation, a scream, unsafe, even though it is over. Never the same, cannot be undone. No hope.   Suddenly, a light, a ray of Sonshine, new consciousness springs up from the once barren ground.
When you see your society what is it that you see? Do you see smiles? Do you see love? The world inverted So judgmental So evil So cruel and hasty Why are we like this?
My heart aches as I tell my tale A tale as old as America itself How my parents came for a better life Condemning themselves a different kind A kind of people misunderstood
"If I could change the world" is a funny little phrase because really, there shouldn't be a "if" involved.   Anyone can change the world Any day Any time Any place.   
This world is getting crazy; the truth is a blurred line Respect is something foreign; a concept not grasped Where greed and envy run rampant, where everyone screams "Mine!"
Baltimore. Alleys filled with souls that care. Some don't. Walking through these shaddowed streets Laced with lies and disquise, Bow-ties , drug highs and a child's eyes Not knowing what it's all for.
  When people ask me, What would you change? They are surprised to find, that it's not my personality. If I were to change something, it would not only affect you and me, But also everyone you see.
I would change the ability to fix what was lost,
When I took a look around
Change makes everything better To change one thing is what I want to do I would change the school holiday lengths longer christmas break longer spring break this is what I would change
Society sets standards Unrealistic standards Causing hurt and pain Sometimes death   If society changed its standards We would be the true us We would hurt no more No more deaths
People of today feel so inadequate to the things they love the most
Consciousness is the art of being aware of one's existence.
One day is all it takes One day to make them break They’ll see what I see They’ll hear from me   They should be mute for a day. Congress, president, the parliamentary They cannot talk at all
Feminism means men and women are the same,
Weak children starving in the street, Where is there food for them? Parents letting their children get beat, Where is there safety for them?   Sons and brothers lying dead on the battlefield,
I see humans, but no humanity. I see punishment,  and no remorse. I see love, with no emotions. I see life, without living. I want to see  love and forgiveness. 
Cancer, cancer, go away Cancer, cancer, please don't stay Cancer, cancer you are no fun Cancer, cancer, you have not won If I could change anything, I would change cancer Because cancer is not the answer
Change.. the great mediator of life, Eye constantly ask myself what could eye change and how? Often to stumble upon the question "what couldnt eye change?"
What would i change, to make this world better? A home for th homeless? Give a freezing body a sweater?
Lonely face while he walks the streetWater from my eyes like sea salt-laden galesThe last they heard from him was a tweetAll she wanted was to hear a taleThe Moon was bright as a lamp-post
On New Year’s my heart broke. You left it in pieces, But I doubt you cared. For so long I’ve felt empty For so long I’ve lied to myself And for so long I’ve tricked myself into forgetting what you did
My World it is filled with joy and wonderIf I were to change one thingit would be how the world views matters of the heartwho dares tells another person who they canand cannot love
Change, it's not always good,
  Tell them how much they mean to you, Understand that everyone is unique, Realize what matters, Never give up on anyone.   Heal others with your words, All people deserve to feel accepted,
In a world so cold, we need to be much more accepting And teach that to the children; it’s their parents they’re reflecting We’re all human at the end of the day Whether we’re tall, short, black, white, straight or gay
I've only a little more than a dozen years But I can sit here and feel your fears. I can see the rise and fall Of the most glorious kingdom of all.  And despite all that I yearn,
We live in a world where nothing is perfect, A place where each little thing has a cause and an effect.  
Ours was a love of gun smoke & closed windows Remembered in Polaroid photos Can you feel my breath escape?   I found constellations in my skin, With whispers that shattered clouds Your bombs.
Buttered popcorn, pina colada, Grape, keylime, chocolate pie, All the treats in a Jelly Belly bag.   My mom's nose wrinkles As she bites into the licorice one.
I. A ship in the night adrift on a lonely sea, caught between dark waves. --- White castles, sculpted
What is the one thing in this world that I would
Do we even know anyone anymore Even those closest to us Or are we just seeing the masks they wear We know we hold secrets ourselves So why would we believe that somebody else doesn't
Sunlight varnishes magnolia branches crimson
If there was one any thing I could change around me it would be all the negativity day in and day out around me its makes no sense to hate on someone who is doing better then you let that person persevere
  Abortion is legal What a horrible thing
I am too chubby, You can see that girl's ribcage, And she's too normal.   I wear boot-cut jeans, That one's in booty shorts, And she only wears skirts.   Society claims
It isn't the world or the objects in it, the passion for life or the way we climb bit by bit. Could be the money, with all the greed and betrayal but at that point we're only travelling like snails.
Maybe I experienced love too fast or maybe you wanted me to fall before you took me away. I like to hope this was your plan all along. Either way I would not have wanted anything else because the light I see for now is the light in his soul.
Money money that's all we need. Money money that's all we please.   Bring us here, in shining light. Worry free, feeling bright. Our economy sucks, we're flat out of luck.
If I could change one thing, I wouldn't change the world. I would change one person I would make him into a man. My brother hides inside of himself He keeps everything bottled in
Can I ask a question? Why do we have murder and violence in the world
I'd buy a fancy typewriter That chimes at every line-- Spend hours hunched behind its keys A channel for my mind.   And then, when I have had my fill I'll toss it to the curb,
My best friend cameout.She fell in Love with a girl shetrusted. And it was beautiful.Because Love is Beautiful.
What would I change Is that a question or just a possiblity of what is to come Some things just can't be changed So let what's meant to happen become Well wishers and doubters
Why does she stand alone? Why does she shy away from those who care most? Why is the damsel in distress, still in distress? Why does she stand alone?   How often does she wish that she were someone else?
If I had the power to change one thing, Only one, of all the  things I dislike In others, in society, in me,   If the world was one big picture and I was an artist, just one out of many,
If I had the opportunity To change anything
I would paint the sky a different color for each day of the week. I would paint the grass a different color every month.  I wouldn't change the ocean-- everyone loves that blue green hue that we can all melt in.
There is a great divide among Blacks It is known as, "Team Lightskin" and "Team Darkskin" So what is this, you may ask? It's disrespect It's humiliation It's segregation
As I look into the world, there is so much that I can change.
I've known the world surround meand I've watched with tear-filled eyes.As all the broken peoplesend their Prayers up to the Skies.
A word... It can mean so many things. It's meaning changes depending on the context in which you use it, You may even say it differently from others around you.
What would I change? The violence portrayed in video games. The numbness to a gun and blood. The unneccesary gruesomeness.   What would I change? The bullying toward children.
Their eyes, I can't seem to shake. Their eyes, they look with beauty and grace. Those smiles, that delicate innocence. That desperation, you can feel from a distance. The warmth of a heart.
A simple corner seat With a cold facade And a flimsy spinal support. Bolted to the distressed floor.   Meeting on a whim In the middle of December On a rickety old train
I want to wake up Not having to remind myself of the past I want to fall asleep quickly Without battling with the devils poking at my mind I want to see my mother smile
If I could change anything, What would it be? It's the way my generation has turned out In this crazy, twisted society. I look around the classroom feeling so disgusted. Wishing I could move away...
If I could change the world, I would change the hatred. Hate around the world is swirled. It makes faces turn blood red.   The world need love, instead of evil.  
Ticking, he was a ticking time bomb. Irrational, maybe, but he couldn’t help it. Controlled by emotions he misunderstood within him. Kicking the broken pieces of himself.
All of them! Each and every one! I'm done!   They think they can walk around. Smug, gotchya-whatchya-gonna-do-now smiles, irradicated, you-know-their-mothers-taught-them-that haught,
Povery, war, hatred, greed.  Smiles fade as does bliss In this life today, it is all we see.  If only I had one wish.  When tears outweigh the fall of rain And the act of smiling becomes a myth,
You know what's crazy? Slavery.  It's not okay that freedom is only for those born free, those born rich,  those born with a silver spoon between their blood-red lips, 
What would most people change if they could? Their appearance. No one ever fits the standards. She's never pretty enough. He's never masculine enough. He isn't a good enough athlete.
We look in each others’ eyes, uncomprehending, we don’t seem to realize— strip the details and what remains? we are the same.   Society is machinery, and we all have our place,
if i was able to change one thing, i would probably change dealing with people in the morning at school. I am NOT a morning person, and i get irritated very easily during the a.m.
What is more beautiful? Being skeptical or gullible? People see what they want to see, Even though the danger lurks around thee But nevermind that, this world remains deceitful. Earth is like a baby,
All we need is love,
I would not change my bue eyes, or freckled cheeks I would not change my broad shoulders or big white teeth I would not change my wheight I love me, I am great.   I would not change the past
What would I change What wouldn't I change I'd change the sky's color to purple And the grass to orange Would be easier Than changing the classroom score. Beyonce makes X amount
You see the world, yet you ignore
  They look at the two differently Judging, favoring The first, they feel, deserves a ten He was strong, persuasive, and smooth The second, they discuss, deserves a six She was bossy, pushy, and vain
Can we take a step back and look at the bigger picture. It's not all black and white but a mixture,  of black and whites and Asians and Latino. Straight or not, we act like we know.
Education has become a joke Kids are falling behind because no child left behind is blowing smoke...   Up in flames, Burning! I wish that was the smell of brains working.
Turtles from Madagascar Marmosets from South America A Noah’s ark of endangered species Sinking under the weight of the elephants.   Captured from traffiikers Seized from smugglers
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