The kid dreams of being an artist. No that's to unpredictable. It falls.
The kid wants to be musician. No you'll never make it. It drops.
The kid wants to go to college. No you don't need that. Work. Work. Work is the norm. To work is to perform. Straight away. To work is to pay the bills everyday. It's gone.
Society stays the path. Keep on the norm. Be creative as long as it's conformed. Have an opinion? Shut the hell up. Never again speak your mind. Now every word you say its from behind and your mouth is tied, in a bind. Scared to be different but never indifferent. Now as you stare in the mirror all you see is a broken down worthless copy of your environment, printed.
All we ask is that every opinion be equal, free our minds from the ropes of the judgements from the evil. All we ask is free at last , free at last. Not as a race but as the human base. Give us this and you'll have your Picasso. Give us this and you'll have your modern Leonardo. Your country will be saved from a lower state of sadness. Ginsberg will never again be quoted "I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness."



wow man i loved it, it was great.

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