Scattered Traces


Flashes of fun as they hang here

The cold, rusty bars never seemed so near

As the soft, soothing breeze sways the chains

Now withered and rusted from the passing rains


Calloused hands that have faded throughout the years

Are left behind to accompany the sidewalk smears

While listening for a bell that will never ring

Joy seems like it is nothing but a forgotten thing


Unattended weeds from the lawn

Just remind me that it’s all gone

Desolate dreams that once resided here

Are things so far but so visibly near


Restoring the swings

Cleaning up all the forgotten things

Washing away all the dirt, grime, and dust

While fresh coats of yellow paint cover the rust


Glistening and gleaming as the sunlight brings

New meaning to once forgotten things

Lively laughter from kids now rushing through the breeze

Sliding down the slippery slides with the slightest of ease


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