Perception of My Reflection

You wouldn’t see me solely as a slang bearer that doesn’t know the difference between euphemism and an idiom

Don’t think too hard about it

Restrain yourself and bite your tongue

You’ve misjudged this book by her cover

Yet this story has just begun

At times I am bashed because of the kinks in my hair

Because it decides to grow wild like my thoughts that extend into the air

However, just because your corrupted version of beauty can’t run your fingers through my mane

Doesn’t mean this type of beauty can’t be praised because it’s not commonly seen on your television screen

I fall in the middle of the “light skin vs dark skin” epidemic amongst my race

Caramel when my breath matches the snow that blesses the ground

Dark chocolate when the beating sun decides to golden me in the summer rays

The difference is that I don’t acknowledge it because it’s pointless

At the end of the day I’m still black

At the end of the day it don’t crack

At the end of the day my descendants were preyed upon despite the amount of melanin they didn’t lack

I’m not that guy with the mugshot on the 11 o'clock news

I’m not a drop out with a baby that has the new Jordan shoes

I’m not ghetto or ratchet y yo estudio gerencia y espanol en mi universidad

However out of all of the stereotypes you place on me, I’ve never met my biological dad

I speak with integrity, honesty, and also with respect

But with a slight Carolina twang I can put you in check

I’m that girl that gives to the homeless man on the side of the street

Not only with cash, but also with something to eat

I speak up for those who seem to have lost their voice

Beneath the “All Lives Matter” crew that doesn’t leave us with much of a choice

Other than to pretend like things are equal

Like I’m another black person complaining and asking for a hand out

Like a case where a 12 year old black boy being shot and killed is justified

Yes, I am black and I’m proud of my heritage

But for YOU to judge me based on such is not right

If there was one thing in this world that I could change

You would take the time to know me for me

Judging me based on how genuine my soul is

I would change your perception of my reflection, so you could see what I see


Poetry Slam: 
This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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