Idealizing Change


What would I change

Is that a question or just a possiblity of what is to come

Some things just can't be changed

So let what's meant to happen become

Well wishers and doubters

Such a fierce clash of people who are complete opposite

Stand face to face

Blended in the eyes of a beautiful composite

You see the confidence in my eyes

Because I want change

Nothing but clouds above me as I reach for it

So much higher than I anticipated just out of my range

That is no boulder because I will change the world

Listening to the frightened people speak

I am on a rage for my community

Bringing peace in all shapes and sizes with no leak

Once upon a time the world resisted

But I conquered my ideas to capitalize on the short comings

Improvising the loss of determination

With intelligence running 

I bought the minds of my supporters through true persuasion

Waiting for the eavesdropping to maintain its goal

In the process of changing the world

I broke the goal of the empty-hearted and fed the old

At last we have seeked change

Carrying out the mission

Fighting for righteousness 

Just projected this small idea to the big decision


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