Ever So Practical

Sat, 02/08/2014 - 22:33 -- Dunes


I've only a little more than a dozen years

But I can sit here and feel your fears.

I can see the rise and fall

Of the most glorious kingdom of all. 

And despite all that I yearn,

There is but one choice I turn.


It begins with a cry and a pain

And lies in wait as our bane.

Forever so,

Always ago 

When we lost our minds.


Screaming and writhing as children,

We snarl and stupidly shun.

We lost our minds

And so went our binds

That held the humanity

Together with me.


Our kindness and joy,

Wonder and concern, 

Went down with Troy,

As did it in every other pattern.

The World Wars, 

The battles on the moors,

The anger and faux righteousness. 

The pride and greed and fuss.


It came from all of us.


So when you ask,

What would I change?

From all of my worlds,

To all my lives,

The one I would decide

Would not be real.


It did not begin in a single moment,

But in All of Time.

I would trade my life

For one chance 

To change it all.


No more hate,

No more violence.

A brand new slate,

Just this once.


The minds of the people 

Those who will not change.

Or see beyond the skull.

But view the world as a range,

From here

To there

And everywhere in between.


That is what I wish.


But Is That Ever So Practical?


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