If there was one any thing I could change around me

it would be all the negativity day in and day out around me

its makes no sense to hate on someone who

is doing better then you

let that person persevere

so they can come back and get you there

why tear down someone you honestly admire 

you should just sit down and inquire

what you should do to be taken higher

If you have to much pride

set it aside

becuase it you dont youll never feel truely alive

see hate drills a hole in your soul

makes you feel incompitent, like your nothing, a shell, a mold

you have to end the cycle 

no matter how you do it, take physical action or through the bible

becuase if it keeps going all this negativity and  hate

will leave the world hopeless no way to procreate

if the negativity never ceases

your feeding humanities future to the wolves and letting them tear it to pieces

if the negativity doesnt stop

itll be like your racing against a broken clock

just take action becuase this negativity has to stop


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