If its was up to me

I would change the world.

There is so much crime

and numerous amounts of missing little boys and girls.

They just want to go out and have fun

But..... next thing you know their killer is on the run.

All these amber alerts.

What are they for?

It's for that little boy or girl that can't feel anymore 

and it's for those families that have to identify their childs bodies.

I can't even imagine the pain and grief that they go through.

Not being able to see their baby 

and just waiting for that call to say they are okay and coming home soon.

I pray and pray for them each and everyday.

But only God knows when my prayer will be answered

that the little boy or girl runs back into their mother's arms.

Squeezing and hugging them feeling nomore sorrow.

Lord please change this world........

Maybe even tomorrow










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