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I live in a castle upon a hill. Well, at least that’s what I thought. I actually live in a beat up hut upon a hill. Everyone constantly looking up at me, 
 My emotions are paralysed by fear,I am so scared that no one will hear.So stuffed in a bottle and thrown in the sea,bobbing up and down in the centre of me. Armed with a smile to mask over my cries,I must admit it’s a brilliant disguise.You would
Tell me the tale of a good old node.  The one who stirs at everyone's mode Taking a hint of what to from each imitation  What a virtue to behold.  
Lately I have realized something about myself that I never have before, And I wish it hadn't taken me long to realize that when one closes, there is always another door.
With a big smile on the face,carryng their little wrapped box in their head they approach you. Before you have time to reveal yourself they desire to zap your power and pull out the little box
The space between us used to be nonexistent. I never knew where you began and I ended Our passion persistent, Persistent like the pain you caused, unintended. “Even still, I love you”  
 Your skin, Paler than a jug of farm fresh milk.    Your lips, Dryer than a drought in Death Valley.    Your nose, More crooked than Hillary Rodham Clinton.    Your hair, Rougher than ‘98 Compton California.    Your eyes, Deader than roadkill on I
my love, that singular beauty, is all mine touched with golden splendor of the gods sweet as honey, rich as cherry wine a lively sprite who frolics in the woods
My face, is just a face, You can’t say you know me  after just one glimpse.   My face, is just a face, The smile I wear 
Skin, smooth and tan, a glow That the sun envy’s and the skies adore A look so divine that I’ll never know Curly hair delicately intertwined
My glow up is when I'm the best me The best me is who I ought to be I can be on the outside pretty But who am I? What do I see? A caged animal? Or someone free? I'm the best me when I'm happy  
As a young girl I'd "see" That the little white girls around me Were what I should achieve to be   Straight hair, colored eyes And skin shades lighter than mine
“You will never be enough,” I tell them matter-of-factly.   
Once upon a time there was A girl.   Perhaps this should be the end of the story, Some people certainly think so,  
Today I painted my nails black so    next      time      I dig them into your warm cold,       indifferent back you might feel my anger under         your        skin and maybe my kiss might
I want to be more than what can be seen When the double sides face me And all that falls upon my eyes is my own image At least what the glass shows Some see me as one thing
We have begun to treat ourselves like our ninth grade English papers Earasing and fixing the mistakes marked up in red ink by society Tweaking and rewriting Until we are unrecognizable Until we are worthy of an A
Dear Black Girls,
Sweet soft rhymes rhythmic against ears so eager Eat every word with sweet salivating stealth Poems provoke pieces of me Hanging on the quatrain I quiver through questions of who I am
When I was a little girl My mother taught me That my value does not lie in the face of the men who have wronged me But as I grew older
The dagger in my heart, It twists, Alas, My love for you has only hurt me. I should have known better Than To fall in love with Nothing less than a prince Who saw himself as little more than a pig.
I cannot wear the red blouse. Lines that defined my curves taunted my eyes Blurry tears dripping as I ran faster into dusk To fit into a teenage concept of “sex appeal”  
I’ve always liked that sense of style With the chains And the blood The gore and the bats and the spiders
Dear Anxiety,   It seems strange to be writing to you When you feel just like another part of me, An extra appendage that I can’t amputate
Last night of October—we lay on the floorWarmly aligned from our shoulders to hipsBy the orange soda fizz of a loud movie scoreLast night of October—we lay on the floorIn the dusty blue attic beneath the trapdoor
My mind is a computer, It plays games, Process information, Turns to power-saving mode.   But if this is true, Then what are my disorders?   They are flash drives,
You are intelligent Yet you know nothing You are full of ideas Yet you don’t know how to express them well You are full of wisdom
they never saw the real me the one i hid away in my closet buried with the things i hid from society tied her up and taped over her mouth so no one would hear her scream   i remember being happy
I am not what I am meant to be I’m aware Yes, I know- A girl’s nails are meant To be colorful and sleek Not bitten down by anxiety and picked half to death
My hands already know how to braid my hair   At 15, I cut my hairthe ends tickle my chin.sensational.   At 8, my hair is too short to braid.  
Perhaps one of my worst traits is dreaming I dream to leave behind my soft spoken nature To demonstrate confidence I dream to hear the waves of Applause surrounding me.  To have the people on the edge of their seats I dream to prove those who call
Some days you are a puddle barely rippling in the steady breeze, broken on the edges where cracks took you away. These times you will feel defeated,
And now I’ve come to the end, I walked a very long way. Miles and years, Smiles and tears. But there is nothing left for me to say.   You didn’t hurt my feelings,
Flash. In a second.  In a whirlwind of time: Life happens. And each time you'll tell yourself, "Next time I'll do it better,  Next time I'll be smarter. 
Shy, excited, and turning into a lady This year, my life flipped 180 I was admitted into ASB O the sights I will see!  Nervous and shaky
 Sitting at lunch among my group of friends All of them, laughing until their hearts content Their smiles so bright it seems they never witnessed hardship
Worthless, you say? Well, Almost, but not quite It takes some grammar To make that right You see, "worthless" Spelling withal, Is declaring you lack any worth at all
Society has become a warzone in itself. The enemies are your deepest, darkest secrets and the negative opinions of those in the surrounding atomosphere.
I am not deafI do know some signIf my hearing ever failedI'd learn to get by I love musicI love to rhymeI cannot keep a beatBut I know I can keep time. 
Everything we do is so fast And so fragile We don't consider that everything is temporary We plunge ourselves headfirst into everything we do We throw ourselves into out into the world Body first
All I need is Me.My Thoughts are Mine.Alone on this island I may be,But with Myself I will be fine. All I need is Me.My Skills are Mine.Alone on this island I may be,But with My Hands I will work fine. All I need is Me.My Strides are Mine.Alone on
Farewell, old friend. “Friend”, a term I hated to be called by you. A naïve conclusion on my part, looking in retrospect.
Wants and needs Aimless seeds Planted, but only One would grow. Only One would bloom. The distance, The isolation, The earthly man On the moon. Coded in the lights Like Moriss
Little ego for self-esteemPatience when you go off beamStubbornness when you think you are just
In your life, the saying “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” Is something you’ll hear a lot  
A lot of what people "need"Is a person,That's love;Is an item,That's greed;Neither are for me.I don't "need" anyone,I don't need any single item.What I need is much simpler.All I need
It must feel great that your life has a soundtrack Forget responsibilities, you'd rather sit back Relax, just be a character not claiming any agency How are you your own side role? Wake up, you ain't no baby
The only time I can’t forget you Is in my drawn out fever dreams. Half human, half animal, You draw me in Like an “Alice in Wonderland” character that shifts
If it were offered, A real second chance, Would you sign on, For a backward glance?   To correct your errors, Clean up the mistakes, To avoid the costly pitfalls, Every one of us makes?
i grew up with Them i grew up with Their love and Their lies i grew up with Their help and Their hurt
I look around Everyone tries to fit in even me Why so judgemental Everyone should be able to be who they want to be instead of being someone else
What beauty is to you, isn't what it is to me. They say beauty is your skin, pale and fair. They say beauty is in your eyes, they tell all. They say beauty is your mind, strong and smart. 
I don't like your parties I don't like your alcohol But I guess I'd rather be here than not at all.   I don't like her I don't like the way she stares Cause I don't think I can compare.  
To express myself into words cannot fulfill the true definition of me                                         But possibly the feeling I portray could reveal my heart                                                             Poetry inspires me t
I see the Impact of others, but where is mine?  Where is my meteor of destruction or one that will destruct for a couple billion years and then create new life?  You probably won't have to wait billions of years for that. 
I laugh to keep from crying All the fake crap they are buying They don't know what to do
I can’t remember when she last said “I love you” And I can’t remember when “Good night” turned into “You’re late again.” And I can’t remember the last time There was a smile on her face
Everyone has their issues that keep them in the dark,But when you fight against them you can surely make your mark.Travel past your issues, onto a newly found frontier,Bring yourself together in a different atmosphere.
REBIRTH by Katharine Royal   I've just returned from a wake, a funeral and a own I felt the pains of the me I'd come to know...and hate...dying
  If you are too silent no one will pay attention to you            he said                    don’t be afraid of your power  she repeated   But fear permeates every fabric of you on days like this
'you're like the leslie knope of gift giving' she said, and i took it to heart depression makes it so you constantly wonder why why people like you why people bother with you why you have friends why
It’s kind of superficial for me to be writing a letter to myself when I’m only so young.
If I had the talent I would write a book About the world from my point of view Here in my little nook   If I had the talent I'd always want to sing My lovely voice I'd always share
I wonder how long does it take
The clock curdles past midnight, Cradles the blinking colon and starts swaying, Starts praying for more merciful numbers,
You tell me I’m pretty, but what if that is what I don’t see.
​Three years ago I wrote a poemShaming people for using "love" so freelyI now realize my error and malady
Here I am Me A Girl, No  A WOMAN Who loves her family  More than words  or song could even tell A Woman Who Cares Cries Fights  and Loves I am A WOMAN
Slumber, Crema, Ludwig, Aiden. See the work my fingers create without the milky surface of a filter. You can't hide the pride or the joy that elicits underneath my pulsing words with a degree of polish.
Its so easy to lose the meaning of who you are
you are the quiet one with the name the substitute can't pronounce you don't correct his butchery, you don't even raise your hand silence coils around your neck, a tangible creature restricting your breath
I was 4 when I held my brother in my arms with a grin on my face
"Your flaws are your perfection" This what I've always been told That I am perfect because I am not But I disagree
Wake up, roll out of bed, dress to impress.
Dear You ,      I Know you didnt believe in yourself  I Know you werent like anyone else  The doubts that  you ever listened to in your ear were just the sound of fear Now that your here with success
There ain’t nothing stronger than a broken back, Except crooked teeth in a cracked smile. The hardest fights are the ones simply lost, Violently fought, Which bring death for a while.  
I never meant to use a filter I didn’t think I did. Look at me and tell me what you see
I fill my lungs  With the nebulas and stars. Breathe in the frost of the moons, Exhale the rays of the suns. I let my eyes dance like stars In the cosmic heavens above.
The thought of you hurting Alone in your bed
"Hey fat ass, big booty, bring it over here. We want to make our point to you very clear. That butt makes you ugly, short and stout. Oh, dont start crying, why dont you hear me out?
'Flawless' is of flawed design, I am not perfect, nor are you, But knowing that my flaws are mine, And that they've made me strong with time, I praise myself where praise is due.  
It started when I was young. Teased by my family. Move you fat cow, you're blocking the TV.
Be strongNothing ever last for longIt wouldn't last forever you knewBut its okay he still cares about youJust hold on to your heart for nowWipe the sweat from your brow
i stand in front of my mirror staring at
Carefully, she wraps herself in her very own, invisible cloak, one just like how Harry Potter had except not quite For only the innermost layer of her being is hidden, the one she’d only show when she was at home
    I'm not that girl still,I don't cringe at the mirror, I no longer look. 
If you choose to love a girl who does not believe herself worth loving, be warned:  she does not take well to being proved wrong.  In fact she will fight against the very idea of your affection during all the hours you two are apart, during the y
The world is a prison, and society is my jailer.  
your cruel words slam into me like a trainwreck attaching themselves to my every thought they soon become a part of my being tattooed, exposed, unsettling i slowly peel off the layers with help from friends
Thinking again, I should've left. Saw your crooked smile, pondering eyes. You left me in the dust, you didn't care at all.
My Body is an ocean It is graceful and it is powerfulIt is strong
In the darkness you will find my heart, or what is left after i fall apart. it's only natural to fall off the edge once more it's happened everytime before. In the daylight you find my soul
I will not be defined by what size I wear I am not fat I am thick 
This goes to the people that think life's not worth living,
I am not a fool I'm only himan And I'm bound to make mistakes Understand I've always had what it takes What it takes to love you And what it takes to stay with you Yeah I might have been hurt
Dear my old friend, I’m sorry I betrayed you; I forgot how to save you. But I promise I’m still here, somewhere…somewhere… I know it’s been a while, but what I’d give to see you smile…
Steamy hands on the window pane She takes a breath and slips away Pulled by hands of a sick step-father Iron bars built all around her   She threw herself to the men she saw
The whispers from within the crowded halls They giggle as they stop and stare You start to cry as silence falls They judge your body, skin and hair
I want it I really do. It is just really hard. I do it because I have to. I wake up every day with a smile on my face. It hopes of one day obtaining what I need. I tell everyone that I will succeed.
I know this won't be easy,
  Sometimes, I feel I am zero. That I am nothing. Worthless, empty, an entity with no value.  
I think it sucks that we only have mirrors and pictures and selfies to see who we are. To see the light manifest itself in a way that shapes the reflection of our bodies and our scars and the things that scare us.
Girl stands alone in her bathroompleading for solace.Eyes lock on the mirror,the reflection of a girl with possibilities a mere stain.She is there,she exists,in every corner that Girl turns.
As I wash the dishes  I have many wishes Ever Since I started working here My thoughts have started to veer People walk in and out Some are loud and shout They leave their dishes on the table
I'm a Math Geek, sure. I've got charisma, too much! Combine them, It's me!
Am I considered lucky, to live in this land where I am considered free, or am I considered a prisoner, behind bars that are simply a reflection of ME. 
  Deep within each human There is a drive, a need   Different fires burn for every man All expressed within a seed   A seed that grows with every season
Life is like a burning candle soon we will burn away slowly but surely  we are not here to stay we were made to be a light and warmth but not to last forever just because we a fading 
The first time it happens, I'm nine years old, and my mother says we need to go on a diet.She says we, but she means you, and I know, I know, I know -- 
A dream. A blissful careening feeling, abstract and fickle. My job will be a dream.  
Mom and Dad want me to evaluate the broken, To diagnose them with the disease we all have- surreal survival,
That whisper. That whisper. Distress. Suppress. That murmur. That murmur. Mortify. Fortify. That cry. That cry. Duress. Redress.
One Job May Change My Life Fighting for the justice of innocent civilians Becoming someones "hero"
Beyond a dream on a stage it isn't about me it isn't about fans, fame, fortune or other words thrown around by those who have too much and give nothing
I stare at my wrists Blood dripping red Trying to drive the demons from my head   Do I jump Do I stand On edge waiting With a blade in my hand   I want to live
I stare at my wrists Blood dripping red Trying to drive the demons from my head   Do I jump Do I stand On edge waiting With a blade in my hand   I want to live
My purpose is unknown, unfuffilled. I feel like there's nothing to live for. Helping others out of my own free will; That desire, that passion, makes my heart soar. I listen to people attentivly,
Trotting daringly through the meadows of flowers I feel the pulse beneath my feet Frolicking with the whisp of the wind I hear it stirring Bringing me closer and closer until suddenly I kneel
All I want  is to write beautiful words and to speak as if my tongue spun silk.
At night the ticking of the clock gets louder, My anxiety sounds like thunder; In the darkness I begin to shudder.   The cold kissing my skin feels shocking,
As a child, I've always been hollow on the inside
In the Midst There, he is the shadow passing by Caused by nothing.He is the voice that calls your name;
Her skin is made of wrapping paper So she can tear it off easily  When it becomes too painful to be her She sees her waist through a magnifing glass Large stomache, small ass She has begun to shrink 
Twelve   Dear Mr. and Mrs. Anonymous,   Who knew you could ever live in a world so perfect.  I mean cruel. 
He buys you things, so you let him beat you down, (My mom) yell at you  (my friend) and call you a bitch, hoe, tramp and everything else indecent under the sky (my other friend)
being skinny is society's pretty scale enjoy your ice cream 
It is said that repeating the same task over and expecting different results is the definiton of crazy. But if one repeats the same task over from preschool to college expecting success, would they define us as crazy too?
She grabs a magazine and looks inside All these "perfect women" fill the contents A false reality seen with her eyes Comparing herself to literal nonsense   The flawless faces photoshopped to perfection
My sociology teacher once told me,
As I look in the mirror, I'm not satisfied with who I see, I see a girl that is unsure of herself, She doesn't know who she is, She allows others to define her, I see a body that isn't on the TV screen,
This is about my pathetic crush   The victim is sitting across the room I look over once in a while and squirming wih embarassment admire the nape of its neck   'wow'
I saw a little girl sitting on a bench  Crying because she was hurt. No visible scars but on the inside She felt like she had no worth. She felt she was different, bore an ugly visage
Her eyes,Melting away,Into sadness,Into decay,People who,Describe her look,May say she's undecided,But not a crook,When she rises early in the morning,She makes no sound,
Comment me like a facebook post  Label me like a hashtag  Post me up like an innstagram Pic You do not see the  Pain  Struggle  Or ME Its funny  Its sad  It hurts 
How come when a white looking Hispanic man kills a black boy it's all over the news, When, African American is killing African American. Sometimes they are boys, Six and seven!  
She'd love to say she's confident but she's not. "Hey you're smart!" She doesn't get that alot. She wants to say she's powerful, but she wont. She thinks she's beautiful, but no one else thinks so.
You Wont remember me, I am just a check on your clipboard, a failure to ignore, a name to forget. The money is the reason you stay. Its fine by me, I mean its only my future at stake. Thats just it- iam a mistake. My troubles dont keep YOU awake.
I must constantly fend for my self esteem because I wound easy and when on the mend I get mean      
Sadness is strong a feeling Sadness is a weary feeling, It comes and feels like it won’t go away. Sadness is a heavy feeling.
I will not begin with, “Once Upon a Time,” To paint this as a fairytale, Would be a sin, a crime, Nay, this is a story, Tried and true, New and old, Borrowed and blue,
He had large nostrils red hair and freckles. He was the second biggest boy in class and my friends were the smallest so I always fought him  when we wrestled with his posse.   
I was an ass. I was shy but an ass. When I worked up the courage to talk, all this gross undeserved arrogance would spill out like: "I'm probably smarter than you."
You--spill over margins, between lines lace ink with weakness--Your-- trembling fingers aching viscera cold sweats--pouring between shoulders, and flinching limbs--blood pumped by,
The happy children show bright smiles everyday, Whereas the sad ones fake their smiles everyday,   Many saddened ones do not make it too far, They feel they are not worthy, Or they have no friends,
It is like the biting into the core of a cold,chilled lemon, the realization leaving its memory to taste like a deep, salty, sore. It holds and grabs, a needle piercing deeply against your skin, my skin
She plays with her hair like always, not even a nervous habit, just an everyday habit since she's always nervous.
If i could erase from this world everything that reminded me of you, God would have to take everything back and start from scratch. For the mark you left on my life is so immense, so intricate...
When you feel like giving up,  And you just want to die. Remember all the people you love, And who would want you to try. When everything is going wrong, And life seems like a sad song.
Gambling is a sin, so never begin, Money madness makes it more maniacal, Stacks against itself the odds of real success, It should see it’s blessed, learn to rest well, Don’t send yourself to hell,
At the age of 16 thought she had love she  was only in love with the presence of him his face , his body, his rep it was a mutual infactuation the relationship progress to only create stress my friend
I visited the doll factory today, though I usually keep it at bay. Society is frequently consumed by them all, but just remember dear: Don't you dare fall. Every doll looks the same, porcelain, white, and oh-so mundane.
I'm not here to hurt you, Because I am you And I know you. And what I say's true, Cause I see through All that you do. And you know you, Can do better.
Look at society and see the reflection in the mirror isn’t finished.All because you weren't "blessed" to meet the criteria of the "image"-  Straight teeth, long hair, size zero waist, 20/20 vision.
They bit the apple on the tree and I smoked its leaves. Yet, the sins I committed outside my body weren't enough for me. I kissed her lips and touched her skin. I cut my flesh for my dead spirit within.
Murderer Is a big word for what you are You kill someone everyday Their name is on YOUR birth certificate It's disgusting It's vile It's simply human nature
We may not think that we are strong enough Let someone try to tear down our identity, and that fire will burn up everything daring to block its path, let alone doubt its power We may think we aren't smart enough
36- 24-36 The measurements of perfection The ideal hourglass figure; Big boobs, skinny waist, wide hips
What’s hard enough to chip a diamond? I don’t know, but I’m pretty cracked. Yet I have learned to refract trials and tribulations into ROY-G-BIV’s of hope and celebration.
Are you that someone, to tell me I’m pretty Are you that someone, to tell me your better than the world, Are you that someone to say, pick your head up because it’s not worth it    
Ask me who I am, and I will not hear you, for I am deep within this crowd calling out my own name. I will not know the sound of my own voice until it whispers back. Until then, I will spend my hours
A cart rolls into the frigid clean room, the sheet is removed, revealing terrifying tools with innocent names. I sit back into the chair as it crackles in disappointment.   Ink stains my face, my chest, my stomach,
I've been searchin' the web for months now Looking for someone to be my cash cow someone to pay off that tuition and clear the way for me to complete my mission  
(poems go here)   Looking at her with her Chinchilla fur. Lady of Guidance and Grace only to shut you down in your face. With her arrogant brow she demands all to take a bow .
I’d rather be known by no one and loved deeply by one person than being known by everyone and not close to anyone. It’s a curious desire to be known, because it seems to nothing for oneself. Yet it’s craved by nearly everyone.
I'm the same as them all,    yet so different too. On the outside I'm whole:     nice enough,         pretty enough. But on the inside I'm broken in more pieces than two.
Happy moments I tend to despise because life isn't so easy and these are the tears I cry. They say nothing lasts forever so why should my happiness, it'll just die.
It would say: For eyeliner, mascara, blush, and concealer, All there for girls appeasement And there magical purpose Remains to bring about disguise
A bully is someone who uses Insults, violence, fear, or manipulation To get what the bully wants Or just to put down those around them.
Her beauty has withered away Her skin has shed and revealed a wisdom That otherwise could not be seen The years have stolen everything she fought to keep Time has gone by like her many loves
I was born with ash-filled lungs, and Mama kept some cigs in her panties. She made me a plain dress once— said it matched my face. I never could understand, why every whisper in town waft her name.
They say mirrors don’t lie, but do they tell the whole truth? Can they see the inside, do they reflect the real you? A princess once asked, “Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” The mirror replies,
My reflection stares back in pity I reject it And then it hit me; The truth is No matter how much they sell My legs won’t grow and my lips won’t swell My cheekbones won’t rise
Where do you see the sun rise in a sea of sinking sand- When the hand of God is closed and death is so close to being a demand? It's warmth beats down, taking its prize Shouldn't it not be so much of a surprise
Yesterday I looked in the mirror and remembered what I wasn't. My face was tired and sunburned and different and not cool. Because the cool is for the champions and the swag is for the the players
It strikes midnight, and I’m home alone My parents have yet to return from work Paranoia kicks in, and as I turn to stone I hear a voice and slow footsteps lurk
As I stare at the blank page in front of me, life is breezing me by People change, people love, get married, grow old and die Yet I am still here. Staring at this blank page.
(poems go here)
I refuse to allow you to disrespect me, to look over my curves, past my brown eyes and undress me. I refuse to allow you to talk to me any kind of way and try to feed me your repetitious lies.
See that girl sitting over there? Rumor has it that in the ninth grade she and a senior boy with a movie poster face and a Hollister body went at it in the bushes at Sarah Something-Or-Other's 18th birthday party
Never really felt like I was needed around I'd clown too much, always frown and feel left out. I begged for attention, though never realized by most. i tried to fit in, but always gave up hope.
(poems go here) Words often go unheard. Drifting, like leaves on a summer breeze. Softly, brushing up against the walls Vying for attention, but no ears lend them any.
What am I to do? when everything around seems to fall apart. When those that I love are filled with malice and regret? What am I to do?
Looking I see fear and despair. Hours of worry and lack of sleep appear. I see cracks and blemishes. They cover the frame Only growing over time. They creep, slowly inflicting pain.
People want to make you feel down. They want to cause an embarrassment for yourself. Lookin' like trash. Make a pose. A flash with confidence. Don't get ahead of yourself Where pride comes into play.
I just want to be pretty. I don’t want to be bangable, hot, sexy. No. I just want to be pretty. I want to be that girl that people can fall in love with at first sight. I want to be that girl that people get lost in when looking into my eyes.
We are so much more than what you see in the videos on TV We are so much more than the rocks on our chain Or the chronic smoke that clouds our brain We are so much more than the sagging of our pants
Life is a game of chance like rolling the dice Life is not all fun and games there are things you have to sacrifice You can’t dance your way through situations you have to pay a price I have many things on my plate; as a result I am full of life W
Someone once asked me about my stretch marks, Ohh, I replied. Are you referring to the sun kissed rays that relax on my outer spine?
Your opinion of me is so important that I will destroy myself in order to gain your acceptance. I will stop eating so you will think I am skinny. I will wear three pounds of make-up
It's 8 a.m. and I wish I were blind. I could spare myself the pain of staring at a reflection dying to change, trapped in this body. I wouldn't have to wear my worn skin,
The staircase is spiraling Down, down, below Back to the first floor Where time moves so slow. Back up I must climb To where I was before And continue on To the heights I may soar.
Have you ever just sat in a nice, quiet place And thought about random things? Like if you can eat in Heaven Or when do the people who work on holidays get a break? How about why you're so emotional
I am the moon When the light fades And the world turns a blind eye, I become alive. I show myself to only the darkness, Ane become The soul of the night. The stars puncture the darkness
As a bird She flies away With the setting sun Brave and radiant With a burning soul And determined heart She soars far above Any distress that could reach her Brave enough to face the future
(poems go here) why do you so desperately seek attention? I just want to gather you all for an intervention It's a problem--- Epidemic
Trying too hard, she knows. Promises made to self are broken she holds herself together inside her heart beats slow, distant. They're all lies. But is the truth any better?
What is about your neck, Shall surely hang you, What lies upon your face, Shall take you away, What drapes upon your body, Shall hide your insecurity, And only express silent conformity,
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