A Girl in 2014


i stand in front of my mirror staring at my caramel skin

seeing my ebony hair rest on my breast and my narrow waist

leading to my small hips and turning to see the hills and the valleys

of my back side and wondering

is this all i offer?

i put on a half shirt and shorts

 and get my phone

i look for the right angle

and snap my soul 20 times

i pick the best 5 and post two 

to twitter and get showered 

in false security 

and male attention

who now only see me 

as not a woman, but property

every mention of “follow me back beautiful”

"heart eyes" "youre bae"

"i love your body"

i sit on bed and drown myself

in this false sense of what is beautiful

every dm from a guy wanting me to quench his thrist

with my hips and thighs and hills on my backside

and once i give in the conversation is over

and i am only in my mirror wondering again

is this all i have to offer?




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