light fixtures

I see the Impact of others, but where is mine? 

Where is my meteor of destruction or one that will destruct for a couple billion years and then create new life? 

You probably won't have to wait billions of years for that. 

A brief second, like for God. 

One day for him is a billion years for us mere humans.  

How can I make a meteor sized impact on the world that this supposed God has created if there is eight billion children on this dorment ball of gas. 

A split second of impact can be interpreted as courage.


 The Impact was so minor and meanignless to the one's it was hoped to affect..the main audience. 

That is when my soul implodes into an instantaneous combustion.

For the star never survives, never to be told apart from the other plasma-filled balls of fire. 

I am a mere light fixture in a Home Depot isle of light fixtures. 

Nothing special

All similar

All familiar



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