If I Had the Talent


If I had the talent

I would write a book

About the world from my point of view

Here in my little nook


If I had the talent

I'd always want to sing

My lovely voice I'd always share

And happiness I'd bring


If I had the talent

I'd cook the day away

The house would be filled with pans of cake

And perhaps some yummy flambe 


If I had the talent

I would play a sport

My days would be spent on the soccer field

Or perhaps in the tennis court


If I had the talent

I'd try talking to that boy

My flirting skills would work out well

And that would bring much joy


If I had the talent

I'd play an instrument

I'd express myself through music more

And catch myself a gent


If I had the talent 

I would often love to dance

The celebrities on TV shows

Wouldn't stand a chance


But could someone without talent

Help their friends in times of need?

Know when to comfort those in pain?

Know when to stop or heed?

But I say that is talent itself!

We each have different skills to share

We all have talent as long as we help

Our loved ones and show that we truly care

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You obviously do have talent!! I love the carefree and light-hearted rhythm.

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