My sociology teacher once told me,

"You won the lottery the day you were born".

And although he was using it in reference to the statistic

That as a white female I have a much less chance of going to prison,

I believe there's a lot to be said for that opinion.


A facebook status on New Year's Eve once told me,

"I am going to change myself this year!"

And although that's great that someone out there wants to become

A new person or something cliche like that,

I believe you can't just change yourself entirely.


I once realized, not long after putting the two together,

That I won the lottery the day I was born,

And I can't change who I am.

But I won a life, that allows me to continually upgrade myself

Into the very best version of me.


So I'll take the next year to learn about and find myself

Just as I have been the past 6,332 days

So I can figure out how to fix all my bugs and glitches

And become the best version of me

That I can possibly be.


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