She Looked in the Mirror...

Thu, 07/10/2014 - 00:06 -- jen202

She looked in the mirror, just over three,

Wearing her tiara, she’d liked what she’d seem,

She thought she was pretty, that’s what Daddy said,

After all she was too young to think negatively yet.


She looked in the mirror, she was only eight,

She thought she’d be prettier if she’d only lose weight,

Her arms were too chubby, her legs were too fat,

She looked at a magazine and thought “why can’t I look like that?”


She looked in the mirror, this time she was twelve,

She looked at her chest, she was flat as a shelf,

Slowly she lifted her eyes to her face,

Covered in pimples, she stood there ashamed.


She looked in the mirror, the eyes of fourteen,

She still looked fat, though she could barely eat,

And when her eyes fell to her arms,

She berated herself for being covered in scars.


She looked in the mirror, she’d made it to fifteen,

She pulled out her pills, and unfolded the scene,

The girl in the mirror faded away,

As she fell to the ground, open her eyes stayed.

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