Big Butt. Bigger Heart

"Hey fat ass, big booty, bring it over here.

We want to make our point to you very clear.

That butt makes you ugly, short and stout.

Oh, dont start crying, why dont you hear me out?

Hey girl maybe you should lose some weight

Maybe then will you stop getting this 'hate'"

Is that all I am? Known for how I look?

You can't look at a cover and suddenly judge the book.

You know nothing about me and how I live my life

But yet you still stick your words in me like a knife

I play good music, talk brilliant, and save the kitten from the tree

Amazing is what I am; amazing is what I be. 

So next time you try to bring me down and make fun of my butt

Or even my sorta squishy gut.

I'll just remember these kind words of Gerard Way

That'll send all my doubts away

"You should feel good about your butt" oh yes I should

Nothing will take me down nothing ever could.


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