Misfits, Outcasts, and Everybody Else

She plays with her hair like always,
not even a nervous habit,
just an everyday habit
since she's always nervous.

What is she nervous for, not even she knows.
Her friends say she's afraid of the world.
Despite having people who love her,
she can never truly let go.

He wears the same sweatshirt each day,
he doesn't have to, at all
but he just doesn't feel safe
without that old New York sweatshirt.

He's Linus with his blanket
needing the comfort and security.
Despite having people to comfort him,
he can never truly let go.

She grows her nails too long.
She trims them maybe annually,
but she rather likes them
scratch-your-eyes-out long.

In her mind, she sees men as brutes
though no one knows the full story why.
Despite having people to protect her,
she can never truly let go.

He's got a Napoleon complex,
one that would put Bonaparte to shame.
He cries just from getting a low grade
but around campus, he likes to be Mr. Tough Guy.

He's a sweetheart, but he won't let on,
because he knows he'll be taken advantage of.
Despite having people who would only love him more,
he can never truly let go.

She was told that she looks like an actress.
The actress had long blonde hair and curves.
She focused on the curves and amplified them mentally.
Now she thinks she's some sort of walrus.

Her boyfriend says she's beautiful every time he breathes,
but she still covers her mirrors and gobs on the make-up.
Despite having people who know just how gorgeous she is,
she can never truly let go.

He's skin and bones and hair, mostly hair,
he never seems to be hungry
but he always wants to be bigger.
In his eyes he's barely a man.

He hears other boys talk of workouts and muscle gain.
A girlfriend talks of men she finds attractive, maybe more than him.
Despite having people who know she's wrong and he's amazing,
he can never truly let go.


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